Brand Assets

The brand asset library contains vector versions of our Logo, Icons, Avatars accompanied by the Unbounce Brand Guidelines.

Please follow the brand guidelines and the rules that are outlined below.

For additional brand related questions contact us at

Unbounce Logos

Please use the the appropriate logo versions on their respective background colours as shown below.
The aspect ratio should remain 1X4.69 at all times. The minimum size of the unbounce logo is 3/8 inches/27 pixels in height.
The logo should never be placed vertically, outlined or modified in shape or form.

Unbounce Icon (ø)

In order not to loose fidelity and legibility of the Unbounce logo we instead use the Unbounce “ø” as the identifier for the company in a wide variety of applications. Primarly in digital media outlets in the form of icons or avatars.