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24 Hours in the Google Economy – 2012 Stats [Infographic]

This infographic has more stats than a bored baseball commentator, and the best part is they’re broken down by paid search across industry verticals. Dig in and see where your industry lies for click-thru rate, conversion rate and total sales.

26 Fresh Pay-Per-Click Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

What’s the biggest reason that using AdWords creates a massive rate of failure? Marketers not understanding they should have targeted landing pages. This is especially important for those just starting, so we’ve added a whole section on running your campaigns on a small budget.

The Anatomy of the Perfect PPC Ad [Infographic]

Pay-Per-Click advertising is confusing at the best of times. Google constantly changes the rules for AdWords, display ads suffer from banner blindness (and horrible design) and don’t get me started on Facebook not letting you point your ads to your landing pages.

17 New Pay-Per-Click Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

Does PPC excite you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. But I bet I know what does excite you… A Quality Score of 10, a CTR of 15% and a Conversion Rate that makes your boss pee her pants.

Paid Google Ads Punch Organic Search in the Face [Infographic]

Keyword searches with high commercial intent are searches that show a more specific desire to purchase. An example would be where a searcher is looking to buy a product or service, like: “buy cordless phone”.

SEO vs PPC – Time for a Fight! [Infographic]

Who would win in a fight between SEO and PPC for your marketing $$? there are pros and cons to both, but make up your own mind with this juicy infographic and stat fight.

7 Ways to Improve Your Google AdWords Click-Through-Rate [Video]

Your click-through-rate can be improved using techniques to modify your ads and placements only, while conversion rates are more influenced by the content and calls to action on your landing page. Learn 6 smooth skillz to do it better – with a video to boot…

How to Drive (& Re-Target) Traffic to Your PPC Landing Pages [with Infographic]

A winning landing page does little to convert visitors if the page isn’t getting traffic. Learn the 3 main ways to get people to your landing pages: text ads, banner ads, social media ads – and the 4th – how to bring back visitors through the art of retargeting

5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Ads Rock You Like a Hurricane [Video & Infographic]

Advertising on LinkedIn should be a vital part of your overall marketing strategy, simply because it’s the best way to target your campaigns to specific people using the 5 segmentation strategies we’ll discuss in this post.

35 Posts to Define Your 2012 Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy

Still trying to figure out Pay-Per-Click? Learn some of the best tips, tricks and industry tid-bits from this list of 35 awesome blogs on the topic written in 2011.

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