PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Blog Posts

5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Ads Rock You Like a Hurricane [Video & Infographic]

Advertising on LinkedIn should be a vital part of your overall marketing strategy, simply because it’s the best way to target your campaigns to specific people using the 5 segmentation strategies we’ll discuss in this post.

35 Posts to Define Your 2012 Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy

Still trying to figure out Pay-Per-Click? Learn some of the best tips, tricks and industry tid-bits from this list of 35 awesome blogs on the topic written in 2011.

[Infographics] How Does the Google AdWords Auction Work? And Using Landing Pages for PPC…

Ever wondered how Google determines your paid search ad position? The infographic below shows how the bidding auction works, including Ad Rank calculations, Cost Per Click, and how the all important Quality Score can influence your position.

Conversion Heroes Part 4: Pay Per Click (PPC) – An Interview with John Hossack

An interview about PPC and landing pages with John Hossack from VKI Studios. Includes discussion on how to get started with PPC campaigns (avoiding the common pitfalls that most noobs run into) and some pay-per-click conversion ideas.

[Infographic] Love PPC? You Should Love Landing Pages Too

You can improve your AdWords quality score and conversion rate by using targeted, promotion-specific landing pages for your PPC campaigns. This post will teach you how to leverage landing pages to lower you cost-per-click.

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