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The Complete Guide to Successful Landing Pages [Infographic]

Myth: Landing pages are simple. Reality: There’s much more to a successful landing page, study this infographic to learn a few of the reasons why. A successful landing page involves understanding your target audience, matching your upstream ads, and optimizing the page to get the most conversion lift possible.

Why I Used to Hate Landing Pages…

Why landing pages are a good thing and why conversion centered design doesn’t have to be in opposition to user centered design. A lesson learned from working with UX, design and business.

How to Write a Landing Page With a 500% Conversion Lift [Comic]

Do you have a landing page? If so, today’s comic might help you increase conversions by 500%. The lesson features highly actionable advice from Ramit Sethi (one of the best salesmen online).

The Perfect Landing Page Recipe

All great food starts with a recipe. The same goes for your landing pages. In essence it’s all about planning. So what are the ingredients that make a tasty conversion experience?

Stop Driving People Away from Your Landing Pages

Here are three ways to keep visitors on your landing page, focus their attention, and improve your conversions. Using lightboxes, distraction free video and a magic squeeze page.

23 *Slam Dunk* Landing Page Posts You Shouldn’t Miss

Bad news: we’ve run out of landing page resources for you. Just kidding. We live and breathe landing pages, and promise you we won’t stop collecting the resources for you. Check out these 23 new posts.

10 Stops on the Conversion Highway [Infographic]

Come on a road trip across the country to learn how to make a landing page that converts – stopping off at famous landmarks along the way where I’ll push the boundaries of metaphor to their limit.

Designing for Conversion – 8 Visual Design Techniques to Focus Attention on Your Landing Pages

There are multiple ways to catch the attention of your visitors; you can use bold, funny or controversial copy or beautiful typographic design, add a video to allow a multimedia experience, and you can use the fundamental principles of design to guide your customers with directional cues.

4 Ways to Stop Your Landing Pages from Being a Giant Fail

Learn the basic of making your landing pages more conversion centric in these 4 simple steps, that focus on your copy, CTA, headline and social proof.

10 Ways to Increase Conversions on Mobile App Landing Pages

Got a mobile app you want to sell? Then listen up. We just created a new set of mobile app templates – currently for iPhone and Android apps – and to make sure we got them right, we collaborated with a team of world class mobile “appsperts” (that’s app and experts rolled into one). Namely, Ken Yarmosh and Jen Gordon…

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