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Coming Soon: The Landing Page Master Class

Landing pages are awesome, we all know that. They expand upon your ad message just enough to distill the concept into a bite-sized chunk of marketing goodness. They convert waaay better than the traffic you send to your homepage, and once you understand the basics, they’re pretty simple to put together. Having said that, thereContinue Reading

2010 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions – You Know Your Landing Page is Fat When…

In the spirit of failed New Year’s resolutions, I’m writing this post 11 days after the fact. We all do a miserable job of living up to our personal commitments, so I figured a few new business goals might be in order to get your marketing campaigns off the proverbial couch and into the gym.Continue Reading

The 12 Days of Christmas – A Cheesy Landing Page Optimization Lament

For the holiday season, I’ve taken a quick stab at re-writing that 12 Days of Christmas ditty. If Christmas ain’t really your thing, then hopefully the lolcat is enough to bring a smile to your face. Remember to sing along. Preferably after a few egg nog’s or Christmas Ale’s. (It’ll be funnier).

The A to Z of Landing Pages – 26 Facts Every Marketer Should Know

So you want to get into landing pages hey? Great idea. They can help create more focused marketing campaigns, improve measurability and increase the return on your marketing spend. If you’re new to the idea of using a landing page for your marketing campaigns, I’ve whipped up a quick A to Z to explain someContinue Reading

Free Landing Page Makeover –

Today I’m going to present the first in a series of free landing page critiques. Our first example comes from language school LeTutor. My hope is that the simple process described below will be of benefit to others in a similar situation. I’d like to thank LeTutor for agreeing to the public scrutiny of theirContinue Reading

7 Easy Exercises to Boost Your Landing Page Health

Today we come to the end of the 7 Days to a Better Landing Page series, and I’m going to leave you with a series of exercises you can use to keep the momentum going after you launch a landing page. If you are in the business of creating marketing campaigns, I’m hoping you areContinue Reading

7 Benefits of Using Landing Pages

Any online marketing campaign is a candidate for the use of a landing page. On Day 6 of our 7 Days to a Better Landing Page series, I’ll explain the benefits you can expect to see by incorporating a landing page into your marketing process. Here are the 7 reasons why landing pages make yourContinue Reading

7 Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Customers Leave Your Landing Page

It’s day 5 of the 7 Days to a Better Landing Page series. And today I’m gong to focus on some of the things NOT to do on a landing page. I’ve already covered this topic in depth in an earlier post – Marketing FAIL – 7 Newbie Landing Page Mistakes, so I’m going toContinue Reading

7 Types of Landing Page

Not all landing pages are the same; in design or intent. In today’s post I’ll walk you through the 7 different types of landing page. Each type has it’s pros and cons and I’ll discuss some of the uses for each type and where they fall short. This should help you understand which kind isContinue Reading

7 Real World Landing Page Metaphors – A Marketing Field Trip

Today, in our second post in the 7 Days to a Better Landing Page series, I escaped from the office to go on an impromptu marketing field trip. My goal was to find real-world examples or metaphors that illustrate the 7 Elements of a Landing Page that I described in yesterdays post. Armed with myContinue Reading

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