[CONTEST] Write a Guest Post for Unbounce & Win an iPad 2

Unbounce is running a guest blogging contest – The 2011 ConversionFest Blogging Challenge. If you’re a marketer and think you have the writing chops to compete with the best, then this is the place to show off your mad skills.

Essentially, it’s a guest blog post contest on Unbounce.com that will involve some of the biggest and best names in the industry (Dan Martell, Kristi Hines & Naomi Niles amongst others) and will generate a lot of buzz and exposure for everyone involved.

It also has some cool prizes including an iPad 2 (great for you or as a gift if you’re lucky enough to already have one), and free Unbounce accounts.

»» Enter the contest here ««

To participate, pick a topic you want to write about (there are 15 categories) – submit the form on the landing page and start writing (get your post submitted by July 20.

Entries will be judged based on a social scoring method and will also be judged by me (Oli Gardner) and Rick Perreault.

It will be a fun, competitive and exciting way to bring exposure to your knowledge (and your businesses – everyone gets some links of course).

Looking forward to seeing some great entries!

»» Enter the contest here ««


– Oli Gardner

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  1. Jason says:

    Oli, how did you create/integrate the according style mini-pages on the contest sign up form? Would love to integrate that feature in my Unbounce pages.

    • Jason says:

      I figured it out Oli. You used Slidedeck for the according slider.

      • Oli Gardner says:

        Glad you managed to figure it out Jason. Specifically, I used the “easy embed” iframe version of SlideDeck. This is the best way to get it into your Unbounce landing page.