How to Write a Landing Page With a 500% Conversion Lift [Comic]

Do you have a landing page?

If so, today’s comic might help you increase conversions by 500%.

The lesson features highly actionable advice from Ramit Sethi (one of the best salesmen online).

It is based on this Mixergy interview: Why The Loooooong Sales Letter Works And Other Surprising Sales Hacks.

Additional Resources:

What have you learned about landing pages?

What have you tried in the past? What worked? What didn’t? Please share your story.

– Michael Alexis

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Michael Alexis, a content creator for hire. It was created on behalf of Mixergy.
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  1. Aldo Vargas says:

    This post was a mix on lots of original ideas, even that i was reading the article i just looked for me like watching cartoons talking.

    I was always looking for learning how to write sales copy from experts and not just from a bloggers. For sure i will be taking the ramit book advice asap “tested advertising methods” since its very very cheap at amazon comparing all the things i will be learning from that book.

    Thanks a lot for this cartoon post ;).

  2. Nils Kattau says:

    This seems so obvious when reading it. But still people stick to “Easy. Fast. Secure”. I think this comic is a perfect way to explain it to those who want only 3 words in their headline ;)

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  4. So easy in comic way, but in reality it looks a little bit harder ;). Anyway, it’s good point to start with the topic and lot’s of learning and experimenting later.

  5. […] So that’s why I hired April Dykman to create cheat sheets. But the other day, Mixergy viewer Michael Alexis surprised me by turning my interview with Ramit Sethi (Why The Loooooong Sales Letter Works And Other Surprising Sales Hacks) into a comic that he published on Unbounce’s blog. […]

  6. Jack says:

    Thanks for this – lots of good ideas. Do you have any advice for landing pages viewed on mobile devices? I think that with smaller screens it actually makes it easier (as well as more important) to have one key message.

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