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Less Blog Equals More Launch

Some folks may have noticed a slowdown in the posts on Unbounce.com over the last week. So I just wanted to pop my head up to say that we’re still here, and the blank screen will be back to normal in a little while.

Launch Time Approaching

We’re rockin’ the silly hours to get Unbounce ready for our Beta launch, which will also include a brand spanking new website to go along with the landing page service. This means that I’m having to devote a bit more time to behind-the-scenes operations in December.

The bad news is that it means less new posts.

The good news is that this means all of my focus can be on the new website.

So stand by for new content (I have one new post in the works) coming just a little slower than usual for the next few weeks.

Something Awesome to Read in the Meantime…

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  1. mac

    launching can be time consuming, pressurised… and 19 out of 20 launches fail to meet their owners objectives…

    good luck with the launch

    mac at uberlaunch

    • Oli Gardner

      Hey Mac,

      Just checked out your Uberlaunch site and I couldn’t really figure it out. Of the 16 links on the page only the Twitter one worked (took me a while to find one that did). That could be a cunning way of illustrating your point or a strategy for driving very motivated people to Twitter. Thanks for your encouragement btw. I’d like to hear more about what your site is about and where it’s going.