Landing pages are more than just text and photos, and we’ve recently added the capability to embed a whole bunch of cool widgets and page elements that will enable to you to communicate with your prospects in a way that’s relevant to your campaign and your users’ needs.

Here’s a list of our 5 favorite Unbounce add-ons:

1. Lead Capture Forms

If you want to capture data from the visitors to your page you need a lead capture form. Gathering names and emails allows you to engage in the practice of permission marketing – improving your chances of converting prospects into loyal customers.

We’ve made it easy to add a form to your pages to start this process.

Read more about Lead Capture Forms

2. Google Analytics

Unbounce tracks basic conversion stats for you, but we realize that some people require the detailed information available from Google Analytics.

Adding your Google Analytics code is simple. Click the “Scripts” button in the page editor toolbar and just cut and paste your code.

Read how to add Google Analytics to your page

TIP: Embedding widgets with the Custom HTML component!

One of the ways that we’ve enabled the use of all these cool widgets is to create a Custom HTML component that lets you embed the code from an external source directly into your page. You will find the “Custom HTML” button in the page editor toolbar. Note: When you have added a component to the page – you’ll need to click Preview to see it in action.

3. Video

Video lets you engage your customers in a more meaningful way and increases the chance of them staying on your landing page long enough to “absorb” your message.

If you are promoting a charity, sharing a personal message or showing a virtual tour for your real estate properties – video can boost your conversion rate.

Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Google Video, Daily Motion, Metacafe and more by pasting the embed code into a “Custom HTML” component.

4. Google Maps

Enhance the geo-targeting capabilities of your campaign by showing a location directly on your page. Follow these simple steps to add a live and interactive display of your location.

  • Visit and find a map region you want to use
  • Click on “link” on the Google maps site (top-right corner) to access and customize the HTML embed code
  • Add a “Custom HTML” component to your landing page and paste in the code from Google

5. Twitter Streams

Adding your Twitter stream to your landing page can provide added social proof to help validate your authenticity.

The live updates will also give your page a dynamic feel.

Visit the Twitter goodies page to grab the widget code for your Twitter profile and paste it into a “Custom HTML” component on your landing page.

What else can I add to my landing pages?

There are tons of cool widgets out there that can be embedded in your page. The key is to use ones that add value to your conversion goal or the experience of your visitors. In short, stay relevant.

Some other common things to consider for your pages are the RSS feed from your Blog, a Flickr Photo set or your Facebook feed.

Bonus Tip

You can generate widgets from thousands of sources using WidgetBox Note: you need to have the paid version to remove their advertising but it’s a cool resource.

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