If you’ve had a chance to try out Unbounce, you’ll know that creating a landing page is pretty easy – especially if you use one of our templates. But what about running a real marketing campaign? Read on for a quick primer in getting your first landing page out into the wild.

  • Set up a Custom Domain
  • Set Your Conversion Goal
  • Publish Your Landing Page
  • Start Driving Traffic!

Set up a Custom Domain

Set up a custom domain so your campaigns work on your URL.

If you want your landing pages to appear on your own domain, you can set up what’s called a CNAME to make this work.

For example: ads.yourwebsite.com/your-campaign

We still host your pages for you, but they magically look like they’re on your site instead of ours. That’s pretty cool. Simple instructions can be found in the Support > Custom Domain page when you log in to Unbounce.

Using Unbounce on the root of your domain

You can use Unbounce on the root of your website (e.g. www.yourwebsite.com) – so you no longer need to use a page name path if you don’t want to (like www.yourwebsite.com/promo-name).

This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a site ready yet. What’s more, our new set of templates includes 2 awesome new “Coming Soon” lead gen templates so you can capture customers while you prepare for launch.

Set Your Conversion Goal – SUPER IMPORTANT

It is important to set the “Conversion Goal” for your landing pages in Unbounce; its how you are able to measure the success of your campaign.

You can set which action on your page should be measured as a conversion by clicking on the “Goals” tab in the page editor.

The conversion goal can be any link address you reference on the page (via a button or text link) or it can be submitting a lead gen form.

Publish Your Landing Page

By clicking that big green “Publish Landing Page” button you officially become part of the marketing cool crowd.

Landing pages are a proven way of increasing conversions, and getting a page published is the first step.

Now comes the exciting part – driving customers to your new campaign…

Start Driving Traffic

Once your landing page is live, you need to flip the switch on your inbound marketing traffic. Common sources are PPC and email marketing, but if you want to get your feet wet with less risk, you might want to try a social media campaign.

Driving traffic to your landing page from Twitter or from a blog post is free and lets you see the Unbounce stats kick into action.

Let’s Get Started!

Log In to Unbounce now to publish your first landing page campaign.

Good luck with your conversions,

The Unbounce Team