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Everything You’ve Been Told About Copywriting is Complete Nonsense

We no longer live in the Mad Men era, so why should you follow Ogilvy’s advice when writing landing page copy? In this post, conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe sets the record straight by challenging an old copywriting “best practice.”

A No-Fail Process For Writing Landing Page Copy That Converts

Without a plan of attack, writing landing page copy that converts can feel like a shot in the dark. It doesn’t have to be that way – here’s a no-fail, 8-step process that will eliminate some of the guesswork.

Your Advanced Guide to Copywriting for Conversion [Free Ebook]

No matter how beautiful your landing page is, it’s the actual words on the page that persuade prospects to click. If you’ve ever struggled to write high-converting landing page copy, then you need to read our new ebook. It won’t just make you a better writer – it’ll make you a smarter marketer and a cooler human being.

How to Make Your Landing Page More Persuasive Using Buying Modalities

Are you marketing to Iron Man or Jack Sparrow? What questions would Sherlock Holmes have if he landed on your page? Here’s a simple framework for tailoring your campaign to any personality type.

How to Run Social Media Campaigns That Actually Convert

Whether you’re promoting a product, ebook, event or contest, your social media campaigns need to make the “next step” crystal clear. Here’s how successful marketers use their social channels to convert visitors.

Double Your Win Rate with Hiten Shah’s Data-Based A/B Testing Process

A structured A/B testing process helps you generate bigger wins with less effort. In our recent Unwebinar, Hiten Shah shared his four-step process, so you can formulate smarter hypotheses and develop an intuition for future tests.

4 Fresh Tips for Building Better User Experiences on Your Landing Pages

If the marketing experiences you create are less than delightful, your conversions will suffer. Here are four simple ways to deliver exceptional user experiences on your landing pages.

2 Questions That Will Help You Gather Endless A/B Testing Ideas

Before you run an A/B test you have to understand who you’re marketing to. Here’s how learning more about your prospects’ habits and aspirations can help you come up with testing ideas that actually increase conversions.

5 Tried-and-True Tactics for Collecting Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than just a social network. With an audience of over 300 million business professionals, it’s a hotbed for lead generation. Here’s how successful marketers use LinkedIn to collect leads (and how you can too).

4 Steps to Writing Emails with Drastically Higher Open and Click-Through Rates

Even if your email list is huge, poor open and click-through rates prevent you from spreading the word about your marketing campaigns. Here are four tips to help you write more engaging, super-clickable emails.

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