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The Truth About A|B Testing

A/B testing is exciting. It allows you to see which copy, imagery and page layouts create the desired emotional response in your target demographic. But it isn’t a silver bullet for improved conversion rates on your landing pages. What it is, is an opportunity. A mechanism, by which you can begin to understand the behavior of your customers.

10 Ways the NFL can help a Landing Page that won’t Convert

You have a landing page. Just sitting there, staring at you with a level of conversion reminiscent of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ kicker Jeff Reed in 2009’s Sunday Night game against the Chicago Bears. Your creative team, or self-indulgent entrepreneurial mind got you within what you assumed was winning range with a brilliant idea and aContinue Reading

Marketing FAIL – 7 Newbie Landing Page Mistakes

In our free marketing eBook “101 Landing Page Optimization Tips“, I discussed building good habits by creating a best practices checklist for your landing pages. It can be a great way to ensure you don’t repeat your mistakes. However, best practices are only as good as your understanding of them, and sometimes the way toContinue Reading

Landing Page Conversion Using Twitter – A Guide to Creative Micro-Blogging

Twitter can be used for way more than just educating the unwashed masses about your latest armpit scrubbing schedule. It can be integrated and monitored to enhance, promote and measure the efficacy of your landing page campaigns. Our latest guide will show you how to create socially aware landing pages that have the ability toContinue Reading

What Does Unbounce Mean?

To Unbounce is to reverse the ugly trend known as bounce rate. Therefore the goal of every internet marketer in the world should be to unbounce their marketing. Great. How does bounce rate relate to conversion rate? Logically, as you reduce the bounce rate, your conversion rate is likely to rise, although it’s not aContinue Reading

Stop Herding Cats – What’s the Point of Your Landing Page?

If you’re serious about conversion marketing – that is, getting people to perform your intended action upon arrival at your landing page – then you have to get your point across quickly and effectively. Throw too many messages at your potential customer and they’ll feel like they’re herding cats (too much effort with very littleContinue Reading

The Less-than-140 Rule: Help People Re-Tweet Your Landing Page with Twitter

Lots of internet marketers use Twitter. It’s a great way to spread your message and hook up with other like minded souls. But how do you get maximum effect from your Twitter marketing? It’s simple; by encouraging people to re-tweet your comments and links. The Re-Tweet Re-tweeting is the Twitter version of paying it forward.Continue Reading

Measuring Form Threshold on Lead Gen Landing Pages

The quest for leads is a simple fact of marketing life. Companies require personal data to fill their sales funnels and maintain momentum, and the data that they seek varies from the simple to the extreme. Landing page form threshold is the minimum set of information requirements that still produce an acceptable conversion rate.

15 Ways to Increase Trust in Your Landing Pages

Web visitors are a fickle bunch. They’ll stop by your landing page after becoming interested in your banner ad or Google AdWords ad, and then they’ll put on their “Judge Every Book By It’s Cover” hat and give you roughly 5 seconds to impress them. If an FBI agent appeared at your door in t-shirtContinue Reading

The 5 Second Rule: Critiquing the Best Websites of 2009 – Part 1

If a visitor to your landing page can’t figure out what you’re offering during the first 5 seconds, you’ve probably lost them. There’s simply too much to do online these days. Some people say 8 seconds, some say that after 3 seconds the decision has been made. So for the sake of argument we’re goingContinue Reading

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