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Why Ignoring User Intent is Costing You Money in AdWords

If you want to create successful PPC campaigns, you need to understand what prospects are searching for. Here’s why ignoring user intent could be costing you money in AdWords.

7 A/B Tests You Should Be Running On Your Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are incredibly powerful for nurturing and converting leads, but when was the last time you tested more than just your subject line? Here are seven more advanced A/B tests you should be running to optimize your welcome emails.

How Marketing Agencies Use Landing Pages to Run Successful Campaigns

Landing pages give marketing agencies superhuman efficiency, but with great power comes great responsibility. Here are three powerful landing page strategies used by successful marketing agencies.

How to Optimize Your Event Marketing With Social Ads and Landing Pages

If you’re going to spend money participating in conferences, you need to treat them as campaigns. Here’s how a few landing pages and a social ad budget can help attract and convert qualified leads – weeks before the event.

These Landing Page Copywriting “Best Practices” Turned Out to Be Conversion Fails

Sometimes conventional wisdom isn’t so wise. Here are three landing page copywriting “best practices” that could be hurting your conversions rates.

You’re Doing AdWords Wrong (Here’s How to Make It Right)

Landing page optimization is a good start, but if you want more ROI from your PPC campaigns, you also need to optimize your AdWords account. Here are three AdWords mistakes that are hurting your conversion rates – and how to fix them.

29 Landing Page Reviews That Show Why Clarity is the Key to Conversion

Clarity is one of the most important aspects of a high-converting landing page, yet so many pages are confusing. Oli Gardner critiques 29 landing pages that *clearly* leave something to be desired so you know what NOT to do.

A 38-Point Blog Optimization Checklist to Jumpstart Your Lead Generation

Are your blog visitors converting to subscribers or could you stand to generate a few more leads? Here’s a 38-point checklist to optimize your blog for lead generation.

15 Unforgiving Landing Page Critiques by Conversion Experts Oli Gardner, Peep Laja and Joanna Wiebe

A little tough love from conversion marketing experts can save you a lot of pain in the long run. Oli Gardner, Peep Laja and Joanna Wiebe critiqued 15 landing pages live – here are some takeaways you can apply to your own campaigns.

4 Marketing Pros Spill Their Secrets to High-Converting Campaigns

Conversion rate optimization can bring you great ROI, but only if you understand how to use it strategically. Here’s what thought leaders from our community had to say about what it takes to be successful at CRO.

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