Pricing FAQs

I’m an existing customer. How do the plan changes affect me?

Moving to a new plan has many added benefits for Unbounce customers including unlimited domains and users, and more unique visitors. However, if you're happy with your current plan you’re welcome to stay on it for the next two years (until March 2019).

If new features come out, will they be added to legacy plans?

Usability improvements will continue to be added to all plans but new Unbounce features will roll out to updated plans only.

Can I upgrade/downgrade to legacy plans rather than switching to the new plans?

No. While you can stay on your current plan with no changes until March 2019, if you choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan you'll need to move to one of the new plans.

What are Page Packs?

Page Packs are a number of publishable landing pages that may be purchased as a bundle for a monthly fee of $50 for 50 published pages, in addition to your monthly subscription.
For example, if you're subscribed to the Essential Plan and have 75 published pages but need to publish more, you have the option of purchasing a Page Pack for $50/month.

Are you planning to remove the legacy plans?

Starting March 14, 2017 Starter, Pro99, Pro199, Pro499 plans will no longer be offered. If you’re already subscribed to one of these, you’re welcome to stay on your current plan until March 2019, at which point, legacy plans will be phased out.

Why did Unbounce update pricing?

Talking to our customers we discovered that the link between traffic to a given Unbounce landing page or Convertable doesn't feel intuitively connected to the value people get from our platform, and that small add-on charges for things like domains and users left customers feeling frustrated.

Pricing based on published pages (in addition to features sets) more directly ties with the value marketers get from Unbounce. Additionally, customers directly control how many pages they’d like to publish, providing more stability than traffic, which can fluctuate per campaign.

We’ve also reduced the amount of small charges (that customers don’t tie directly to value), making domains and users unlimited on all plans.

When my legacy plan comes up for renewal, will I be able to stay on my existing plan?

Yes. You’ll be able to renew the subscription to your current plan until March 2019, at which point, legacy plans will be phased out. Don’t worry, Unbounce will never make changes to your subscription without your consent.

Why is Unbounce no longer offering a $49 plan?

The marketing teams and agencies that have experienced the most success using Unbounce are the the ones that use the professional-level features like Dynamic Text Replacement and SSL. By offering those features as standard across the board, we’re able to ensure that we build the features and infrastructure to support them. We’ve removed the Starter $49 plan so that marketers using Unbounce are even more likely to achieve results.

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