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  • 12 Proven Ways to Convert With Overlays [FREE EBOOK]

    90-97% of visitors to your website won’t convert.

    I know… a little piece of my soul dies every time I think about it, too.

    [Queue Morgan Freeman narrator voice] But not all hope is lost.

    Marketers everywhere are using overlays to get more conversions from their existing website traffic — without running more campaigns, increasing their budget or redesigning their site.

    And in our latest ebook, 12 Proven Ways to Convert With Overlays, we spill all their juicy secrets. (Okay, maybe not the one about what happened in Vegas.)

    Get more conversions from your website traffic

    This ebook will teach you how real companies are using overlays to score more subscribers, sales leads and sales — and how you can start planning your own overlay campaigns today.
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    In 12 Proven Ways to Convert with Overlays by Angus Lynch and Amanda Durepos (oh hi), you’ll learn:

    • What overlays are and why you should care
    • Real-world examples and case studies of companies using overlays to score more subscribers, sales leads and sales
    • Tried-and-true best practices to help you plan your own overlay campaigns

    In short, it’s 40 pages of overlay inspiration and guidance to help you score more conversions from your existing traffic. Ya dig?

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    About Amanda Durepos
    As Unbounce’s Blog Editor, Amanda Durepos curates and crafts content to help marketers be better at their jobs. When she’s not managing the editorial calendar for the Unbounce Blog, she’s wrangling internal and external subject matter experts, helping them educate other marketers in an entertaining and actionable way. You can follow her on Twitter but she’s mostly just making puns.
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    • thanks for sharing,hope it will be helpful to the growth of my business

    • This is indeed an amazing information!
      Though I am not using any of these mentioned in the list, I am afraid on your note:
      “If you’re not using exit popups yet, that’s a lot of money left on the table.”
      This is really a great alert indeed!

    • Carroll

      Look forward to reading this but I’m curious, why is there no exit overlay on this page?

      • Amanda Durepos

        haha Good eye Carroll. We should probably test VS the inline form in the blog post!

    • Hi Amanda,

      The Ebook- “12 Proven Ways to Convert your Overlays” was really helpful. The way you categorized into Lead generation, Revenue generation, Traffic shaping was amazing. The after delay option (in potential overlay triggers) was quite powerful. It is better if the Call to Action appears after 15 sec, so that a visitor gets time to read the post/ or to take a glimpse on the content.
      Groove’s CTA was killing, the concept was catchy. I liked the way how they used Learning to trigger people in filling the fields.
      But the exit discount part seemed a bit perplexed, hope you can help me out on that.

      • Amanda Durepos

        Hey Nishant, thanks for reading and for your comments. :) If you have any specific questions about exit discount overlays you can send me an email at amanda (at) unbounce (dot) com!

    • Thanks for sharing,hope it will be helpful to the growth of my business. Once again thanks

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    • Anderson James

      Thanks for sharing this blog. Its seems really and interesting read! I am getting this book as soon as possible. Thanks again.

    • Great Post,it is very Informative & useful.

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