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    Did you know I’m psychic? It’s true. Your favourite color is orange. You once lived on Chestnut Lane. You’ve googled “email best practices” at some point in your marketing career.

    Okay, so one out of three ain’t bad — amirite?

    The point is, best practices are important to marketers. Whether it’s email, landing pages or social media, best practices provide a jumping off point for a lot of what we do. And guess what, overlays — whether you’re already using them or thinking about using them — are no exception.

    Overlays can sometimes get a bad rap for being intrusive or irrelevant. Often, though, these UX offenders are simply not designed or targeted with best practices in mind.

    So, before you launch a new overlay…

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    About Amy Wood
    Amy Wood is a writer and editor at Unbounce. She previously worked as an editor at a nationally published health and wellness magazine, where she learned about the benefits of vitamin D and em-dashes. She enjoys eating tacos, reading graphic novels and binge-watching tv series on Netflix. But mostly eating tacos. Find her on Twitter: @phoenixorflame
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    • Ro Arora

      Great checklist, Amy. Thanks for putting it together.
      A suggestion: some might find it more valuable as a reference resource if you were to turn the document from a list format to a single-page grid format, perhaps with visit intent/location on one axis, and overlay type/trigger/formatting on the other axis. With appropriate notes in the corresponding boxes.
      Not sure if I explained that properly. Happy to take a shot at it and send something to you in a few days, if you’d like.

      • Amy

        Sounds very cool, Ro!

    • 需要向博主学习的地方还有很多,很多,很多……

    • Love it Amy, there are indeed a lot of things to keep in mind. One thing I see missing a lot is analytics tracking to show how often the overlay is displayed, and how often it is filled out. This should integrate into Google Analytics with simple Analytics Events (or whatever primary site analytics tool you’re using). Many overlay tools come with this built in, but for most home-grown overlays, we rarely see any kind of analytics included.

      • Amy

        Great point, Tom. We offer our own overlay tool, called Convertables, which has a GA integration just like our landing pages. However, if you’re using a different tool or a custom option, implementing tracking might be a bit trickier. Either way, it’s a great tip — I’ll keep that in mine for V2!

    • Hey Amy,
      Good Check List, it has lot of information, Thanks & Keep going.

    • balakrishna

      Wow Amy,
      Very cool features indeed. This is personalizing the user experience – a good thing. One challenge is the visitor flow and action we want visitors to take.