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    Need some inspiration for your overlay design? No problem.

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    Oh, sorry, you didn’t mean an inspirational quote?

    Let me try that again.

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    Amy Wood is a writer and editor at Unbounce. She previously worked as an editor at a nationally published health and wellness magazine, where she learned about the benefits of vitamin D and em-dashes. She enjoys eating tacos, reading graphic novels and binge-watching tv series on Netflix. But mostly eating tacos. Find her on Twitter: @phoenixorflame
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    • Digital DC

      Some very nice ones there and one or two I am a bit surprised by. With the Unbounce overlay, it states “There is no magic wand” then the button states send me marketing magic, is that not a bit contradictory and, did it not trigger your buzzword alert at all?

      • Amy

        Well hello there! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I wholeheartedly agree — there is a bit of a contradiction there, so thank you for the catch. We try to have fun with our marketing, but we don’t always nail it 100%. That said, we hope you got some design inspiration for your overlay campaigns. We’ll do better next time — we promise :)

    • Allan Gaddi

      Hi Amy,

      I’m confused. When you say overlay, do you mean the design concept where there’s an image in the background and text up front? Or the pop ups?

      Thank you.

      • Allan Gaddi

        Never mind. I went and read your other post. Have a nice day. :)

        • Hi i DIdn’t get her. What was trying to do. I am Confuse’d too. . Is this subjects for marketing? And earn more signups? Pleas help…

    • Brian Hitcham

      I’m surprised at the inclusion of Licence Desk. “Sign up now and speak with a former audit expert.” This implies that you get to speak to someone that used to know what they were talking about, but not any more!

    • susantaroy

      “This is great site”