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5-Second Test

Session Recording & Feedback Polls

Customer Interviews

Interviews With Sales and Support

1. What are the top 3 questions from potential customers?
2. What do you answer when you get these questions?
3. Are there any particular aspects of X that people don’t understand? 
4. What aspects of X do people like the most/least?
5. Did I miss anything important? Got something to add?
1. What do you think of product/service x so far?
2. What problem were you trying to solve with product/service x?
3.  Has product/service x helped you solve that problem?
3. If you were the CEO of our company tomorrow, what’s the first thing you would focus on?
4. When you were evaluating product/service x, what questions or concerns did you have?  
5. Can you describe your buying process - what were the steps? 
6. Who else was involved? What were their concerns?
7. Was there anything that almost made you not ?
8. If a friend or colleague asked you to explain product/service x does, what would you say? 
9. Is there anything I important I missed? Anything you want to add? 

Here's a set of questions I frequently use in my work. You can change the questions or add new ones, but this gives you a good starting point. These questions are targeted at new customers.

I prefer to do interviews over the phone. In my experience, customers feel safer and express themselves more honestly via phone than e.g. in a physical interview situation. Moreover, setting up a phone call is much, much easier than coordinating a physical meeting (for both parties). I usually send an email asking the customer if they have 20 to 30 minutes for a quick chat on the phone. 

Here's a set of questions for the people in sales and support. These guys and gals spend all day talking to customers (or potential customers) and they have a wealth of accumulated knowledge and insight for you to tap into.

5-Second Test is an awesome tool for "tapping" into System 1 to understand how users intuitively perceive and react to your content - e.g. a landing page or an ad. 

Just upload a screenshot and recruit a user panel. The users on the panel get to see the screenshot for 5 seconds, and afterwards they have to answer a few questions (e.g. "What was this page about?"). 

I recommend conducting these tests via Usabilityhub also features a suite of other really cool remote usability-testing tools. Simply log in and create and account - you'll find the various tests in the left-hand navigation. 

There are quite a few vendors that offer session recording and feedback polls. I recommend HotJar for multiple reasons - among other things due to the fact tha they offer a suite of 6 fantastic user research tools. When you've signed up, simply implement a piece of javascript globally on your website, and you're good to go. 

Just click "Session Recording" or "Polls" in the left nav and follow the instructions (really simple). You can decide which pages you want to run these tools on and afterwards you can segment on a bunch of different values e.g. device category or landing page. 

I recently did a webinar for HotJar all about how to get amazing users insight via feedback polls. The webinar is full of actionable advice and tips including questions to ask, how to design your polls for maximum response rate, and not least a bunch of pitfalls to avoid. 

Check out the webinar here >>