1. Log in to your Unbounce account
2. Navigate to the left of the Unbounce interface, click “Domains”

3. Click “Add your first domain”

4. In the resulting window, add the domain you want to use*

*Note: for landing pages, you’ll typically use a subdomain like try.mysite.com or get.mysite.com, instead of your root domain (i.e. www.mysite.com - as this is likely the domain your company website already uses)

5. After filling in your details, click “Yes, I Want to Add a Custom Domain”
6. In the resulting dialogue box, select “I will set up the CNAME record myself” and click “Continue.” Ignore the steps to set up your CNAME record in your domain's DNS, as you’ve already completed these steps!

7. Close this lightbox and continue on with Step 3 on the initial landing page to set up your domain.