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At Unbounce, we believe going above and beyond to create incredible marketing is a choice. Celebrate marketers you know who actively #ChooseExtra—for each person, we’ll commit five minutes of our time to working with PeaceGeeks.


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Why PeaceGeeks?

Like Unbounce, PeaceGeeks is all about empowerment through technology. Their initiatives include connecting communities with essential services, amplifying voices for social inclusion, strengthening access to justice, and inspiring action at a global scale.

(Bonus: They’re from Vancouver, too. Go ‘Nucks, eh?)

Tyrone Lingley

I'd like to shout out 6 marketers who I've been in the campaign trenches with in my career. Going the extra mile is definitely the norm for them. Cristina PagnuccoJenny Duncan
Stefanie Grieser, Geoff HenshawLoring PhinneyLaura Ramsay 
Shout out some extraordinary marketers you know and Unbounce will donate our time to PeaceGeeks. Join in here: #ChooseExtra

Director of Partnerships at Unbounce

Sarah Gooding


Huge shoutout to this amazing design duo—@sabrinacly and @jamesdthomson1! Thank you for your creativity, hustle, and choosing extra every day. You two rock!

Shoutout your fav marketers and @Unbounce will donate its time to @PeaceGeeks

Jessica Burnham

Community Strategist, Customer Marketing

Shout out to some fine individuals who I have the privilege of working with.
🙌 Rolf Inge Holden 🙌 Zoe Tattersall
🙌 Andrew Miller 🙌 Stefano Apostolakos
🙌 Caroline Cummins 🙌 Hristian Kambourov

Celebrate extraordinary marketers with Unbounce and they'll donate their time to PeaceGeeks. Join in here: #ChooseExtra

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First, list the names (or pilot call signs, or online gaming handles) of up to six marketers you know who #ChooseExtra—who always, y’know, take their work to the next level. (Remember—each person you call out for amazing work means another five minutes for PeaceGeeks!)

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Unbounce wants to give kudos to marketers going the extra mile (and spread some good while we’re at it). That’s why we’ve partnered with PeaceGeeks to support their mission of empowering communities in pursuit of peace.

When you applaud a marketer who always gives it their all or who brings wild ideas to life, we'll commit five minutes of our time toward collaborating with PeaceGeeks.

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