How First Midwest Bank Uses Secure Landing Pages In a Regulated Industry

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Watch the Webinar

Watch the Webinar

What it’s about:

When it comes to conversion, some industries have it easier than others.

If persuading leads to download an ebook can be tricky, just imagine what it takes to convert in the finance, healthcare, or insurance industries!

Offers in these sectors are typically more commitment heavy, and in many cases must appeal to leads who are wary of lead gen forms (and where their personal information could end up if not transferred securely).

Join us November 10th when Jack Nick – senior vice president, digital experience manager at First Midwest Bank – will showcase the landing pages his team creates in the highly regulated finance industry. He’ll explain how serving up these pages securely opened up new marketing opportunities.

What you’ll learn:

  • How First Midwest Bank introduced landing pages into their lead gen strategy
  • What security-conscious industries need to know about using landing pages
  • Where First Midwest Bank placed paid ads to attract their target market
  • The types of landing pages Jack Nick has used for successful lead gen
  • How SSL was a key factor in expanding this bank’s opportunities, much more!

Duration: 1 hour
Awesome: Naturally


The recording of the webinar with First Midwest Bank SVP, Digital Experience Manager Jack Nick.

With nearly twenty years of marketing and eCommerce experience, Jack leads the overall strategic direction and performance of the digital client experience across all channels and lines of business at First Midwest Bank. His eCommerce team has transformed the bank's consumer lending model over the last three years, taking what was an $8 million per year business and growing it into a $100 million business, with the goal of reaching $1 billion in the next five years.

About Jack Nick

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