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Video tutorial

Understand the value of landing pages

Getting to know the Unbounce App (in full!)

How to pick, and customize a template

Set up your forms, conversion goals and tracking

How to make your mobile mobile responsive

Adding sections and all kind of elements

Adding scripts like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and others.

Set up your domain and add your page URL

What you'll know after the video

Page Sections

Sections are the first items that must be added to a landing page before you can add elements to your page.

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Working with Images


Images are crucial to your landing page design. You can customize images to your liking and get your page looking great.

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Boxes and Grouping

Use boxes to create visual elements on your page, and to group various elements together.

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12 chapters to watch at your own pace.

Here you'll find all 12 chapters divided by topic, plus some convenient resources and tools. 
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Text Editing


Copy is key to get conversions. Once your text has been entered, you can size it, link it, style it, and more.

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Setting Up Buttons


Learn how to add buttons and CTAs to your page that take visitors to a different URL, or open up a lightbox.

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How to add a form to your page and the options for form fields and form confirmation setups.

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CSS, Javascript & Custom HTML


From tracking to Open Graph and favicon, apply Javascript and CSS to your landing pages in the Unbounce builder. 

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Page Properties & Conversion Goals


Control all your page’s high-level data (title, description, keywords, etc.) and enable the conversion tracking.

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Copy, Paste & Duplicate elements

Yes, that means you can copy and paste an element from one page or Popup to another! Easy peasy.

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Mobile Editing


Access the mobile-responsive version of your content at any time by toggling over to the mobile-responsive area.

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You have your landing page ready to land traffic, so it's time to publish it and let the magic happen.

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Leads & Integrations


Access the mobile-responsive version of your content at any time by toggling over to the mobile-responsive area.

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