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Andrew Warner’s FREE downloadable guide, Get Personal, offers up effective conversational techniques acquired from his interviews with over 2,000 entrepreneurs — including Seth Godin, Timothy Sykes, and Mike Del Ponte — in his podcast Mixergy: Start Up Stories.

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  1. How to keep a conversation on track
  2. How to humanize a phone call
  3. How to tell a powerful origin story
  4. How to use the Role Model Persuasion Technique 
  5. How to conduct Personal Touch Research

What’s Covered:
5 How-Tos

Learn Phrases That Can Help You:

  • Pique someone’s interest to work with you
  • Build connections over phone and video calls
  • Turn repetitive questions into sales and opportunities
  • Create relationships that work for you long after the conversation is over 
  • Interrupt a conversation without seeming rude

About the Author

Andrew Warner is a pioneer of the internet start-up scene and founded the podcast Mixergy: Start Up Stories in 2008. He has interviewed the founders of Airbnb, Wikipedia, Groupon, Y Combinator, The Carlyle Group, and over two thousand other fascinating start-ups.