Work smarter, not harder: Connect
Google Ads to Unbounce

Improve your conversion tracking and customize the messaging on your landing pages to match your ads better.

Google Ads and conversion tracking

When you set up an Ad, you’re given a conversion script that needs to be installed on a thank-you page. When someone hits that thank-you page, GoogleAds is notified that you just got a conversion. (Woo!)


Using Unbounce’s Script Manager, your conversion script is added to all your thank-you pages—at once. Which basically means that in just one step, you’ve installed conversion tracking on all your pages. Easy, eh?

Google AdWords and dynamic messaging


Plus, you can pass your keywords from AdWords into your landing page copy using our Dynamic Text Replacement (also known as Dynamic Keyword Insertion) feature. This improves your landing page experience because the messages on your ads and landing pages are a better match, which will in turn increase your Quality Score.

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