Integrating with WebHooks

To hook up Unbounce to any tool that you’re using, you have a few options. If there’s no native integration currently available, and no Zapier integration (although this is highly unlikely, since there are over 1,000 apps that Zapier hooks up with), you can use WebHooks.


What’s a WebHook?


Webhooks are a nifty way to sync up data between your Unbounce account and the tools that you’re using to run your marketing campaigns. With Unbounce, the most common use of WebHooks is for sending lead data submitted on a form on an Unbounce landing page to a third-party CRM.

Pro Tip

Not a coder? Don’t worry! You can still use WebHooks by grabbing tips and scripts from Unbounce’s community!

What can you do with a WebHook?


From sending yourself an email to plotting addresses on Google Earth, there are infinite ways to connect different apps to each other using WebHooks.

Using a script or custom code, you can send information collected on your Unbounce landing pages to be transformed, parsed, manipulated, and sent to whatever other tools you’re using.

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