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Say goodbye to your copywriting woes and hello to Smart Copy, the only AI writing tool that can create, remix, and expand content in a snap. Personalized to your brand and target audience, these recommendations have one thing in mind: converting your customers.

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Writer’s Block—What’s That?

Feeling stuck on an idea, sentence, or paragraph? Skip the headache and let Smart Copy transform your ideas into on-brand content that delights and converts. Just like that, copywriting became the easiest
part of your day.

Expand Your Ideas

Don’t agonize over what to write next—leave it to Smart Copy instead. Jot down some words as a starting point and it’ll help you write the next sentence or paragraph.

Remix Your Content

Got copy that has the right message, but needs a lil’ refresh? Plug in the old stuff and Smart Copy will generate something completely new. (Pro tip: It’s great for repurposing content.)

Match Your Brand

Create a profile with some basic information about your business or product and Smart Copy will generate content that matches your style and tone—every time.

Smart Copy transformed my career. I punch in a few parameters and it spits back gold. Every time that I do it, I am blown away by what it does. It’s an investment that I have never regretted making. If I wasn’t so frugal, I would say Smart Copy is not charging enough.

Noel Wiggins, Freelance Graphic Designer

Never Start From a Blank Page Again

One tool, limitless applications. Smart Copy is your one-stop shop for all content creation—with over 45 templates to choose from. Need to write ad copy? Emails? Taglines? Product descriptions? We’ve got a template for that.

Whip Up Ad Copy

You can create ads from scratch without stressing about word count and layout requirements—thanks to templates like the Google Ads Generator and Facebook Primary Text Creator.

Create Catchy Taglines

No more hemming and hawing over the perfect slogan. Generate a captivating tagline in seconds using the Tagline Generator.

Reimagine Your
Landing Pages

The Landing Page Copy Generator provides limitless copy variations, so you can build variants that speak to different audiences.

And Much More

You’re lookin’ at the tip of the iceberg. Smart Copy offers a library of 30+ templates to support all your marketing needs. (Yup, it’ll even brainstorm ideas for TikTok videos and other viral content.)

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Smart Copy inspires me. It’s like brainstorming with a room full of people—it feels like an unfair advantage! Without Smart Copy, I’d be spending an extra four hours a day writing that I’d rather spend on the beach.

Sebastiaan Hooft Headshot
Sebastiaan Hooft, Published Author and Founder of Redesign Records
Sebastiaan Hooft Headshot

The AI Copy Generator
That Has No Boundaries

Six Languages image

Six Languages

It’s time to tap into new audiences. Smart Copy can create AI content in six different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, and French), so you can speak to more potential customers.

Free Chrome Extension

Unlike other AI copywriting tools, you can take Smart Copy with you as you work. Highlight copy on any page or platform and the Smart Copy Google Chrome Extension will jump in to help you write, rewrite, or expand this copy.

Long-Form Writing

Smart Copy is here to make your biggest projects easy as pie. Work on your long-form content directly in our Writer feature and return to it later at your convenience. (Available on Smart Copy’s Growth plan.)

Unlimited Content, Simple Pricing

All the content you could dream of, all under one price. (Hey—we like to keep things easy.)

From brainstorming ideas to writing and refreshing your content, Smart Copy is the AI-powered copywriting assistant that helps you craft high-converting messaging for your audience.

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You never wanna write a landing page, ad, or email from a blank page again.

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You want unlimited copy creation for every personal and professional writing need.

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  • Unlimited Profiles ?

  • Access to Writer (Beta) ?

All Plans Include:

30+ Content Templates ?
6 Languages ?
Expander and Remix ?
Chrome Extension ?

Building Landing Pages Just Got Easier, Too

Big fan of saving time while scoring more conversions? Then you gotta meet Smart Builder: our new AI-powered landing page builder that helps you build on-brand, high-converting pages right from the get-go.

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