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Well-Crafted Copy
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Whether you’re writing emails, creating documents or editing your website, Smart Copy helps you write compelling copy in a snap.


When all you can come up with is a few words, but you need to write a whole paragraph, just Expand it.

Pro tip! It's especially helpful for turning a heading into a paragraph.

The Only Writing Extension You Will Ever Need

Your shortcut to well-crafted copy, straight from your browser. Highlight copy on any page and the Smart Copy Chrome Extension will help you write, rewrite, summarize or expand it.

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“Smart Copy inspires me. It’s like brainstorming with a room full of people—it feels like an unfair advantage! Without Smart Copy, I’d be spending an extra four hours a day writing that I’d rather spend on the beach.”

Sebastiaan Hooft, Published Author and Founder of Redesign Records


So much text, so little time! Sounds familiar? We wish we could just get the Cliff Notes on articles and emails.

Now you can! Too long, didn't read? Just Summarize. We'll bring back the essence, so you get the information quicker.


Explore fresh ways to express yourself in writing. Remix suggests alternative ways to phrase your text, whether it's the entire sentence, phrase or just a single word.

(I use this one all the time)

Next Sentence

Get instant inspiration for what you should write about. We'll help you find the Next Sentence that fits best with copy. 

Improve Your Copy On-The-Spot,
With The Smart Copy Browser Companion

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Use the Smart Copy Chrome Extension with any Smart Copy account.