Instantly Generate Copy Using 45+ Templates

Never start from a blank page again. Smart Copy jumpstarts your copywriting with 45+ powerful content templates—everything from landing pages and digital ads to emails, taglines, and (much) more.

Smart Copy Templates

“Amazing testimonial with a small image of the person on the left-hand side.”

Person Name, Person Role


Reimagine your landing pages with limitless variations of new or existing copy.

Generate a list of the top features for your product or service.

Meta Descriptions

Couple your new product launch with a description that gets visitors excited.

Improve your search ranking and shareability with a meta description.

Headlines and Descriptions


Quickly create dozens of new combinations of headlines and descriptions.

Tell your customers why your product or service matters with a list of benefits.

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Smart Copy Features


Chrome Extension

Smart Copy’s Expander feature automatically generates additional content for you. Input any pre-written text as a starting point and let Expander help you write the next sentence or paragraph.

Take Smart Copy with you as you work. Highlight text on any page or platform and the Smart Copy Chrome Extension will write your next sentence, rewrite it, or expand it into a paragraph.


Smart Copy’s Writer feature is a long-form writing canvas (with no character limits) that allows you to write, edit, and save content directly within the application.


With the Remix feature, you can refresh and repurpose content to keep your audience engaged. Smart Copy helps you turn existing copy into something completely new for different channels or campaigns.

Landing Pages and Websites


404 Pages

Generate a clever message to let visitors know their link didn’t work.

Instantly create Google Ads from scratch with the exact copy and layout requirements.

Write evoking and persuasive copy for your Facebook Ads primary text.

Facebook Headlines

Amazon Ads

Capture your audience’s attention with compelling Facebook Ads headlines.

Quickly create Amazon Ads copy to help drive more product sales.

LinkedIn Ads

Generate a limitless supply of original, on-brand Facebook Ads copy.

Start building your next business-to-business campaign with these LinkedIn Ads.

Digital Ads

Amazon Listings

Generate a dozen new titles for your latest product—ready to post on Amazon.

YouTube Channel Description

Come up with a compelling introduction for your business’s YouTube Channel.

Email Subject Lines

VC Pitch Emails

Boost your open rates with attention-grabbing email subject lines that get more clicks.

Get the funding you need to fuel your business growth with this pitch email.

Build new connections and land clients with a compelling outreach email.

Generate custom, persuasive email copy to reach out to investors directly.


Brand Statements

Catchy Hooks

Distill your offer down to a single, simple brand statement in seconds.

Somewhere between a tagline and a pitch, describe your offer in just a few words.

Get your audience’s attention with a short, snappy brand slogan.

Mission Statements

Express the motivation behind your brand with an impactful mission statement.


Brainstorm original video ideas that are sure to boost your brand’s view count.

Listicle Ideas

Come up with the perfect list-based article for your website or blog.

Figure out what’s next for your business by generating a list of new product ideas.

Article Headlines

Podcasting Ideas

Brainstorm article headlines that’ll make your visitors want to keep reading.

Find your voice with a list of thought-provoking ideas for your next podcast.


Viral Growth Ideas

Pour rocket fuel on your growth with dozens of original ideas just for your brand.

Pain Benefit Solution

Write better copy by highlighting the pain, benefit, and solution of your offering.

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Generate ideas for on-brand blog posts to help you find something to write about.

AIDA Copywriting

Attention, interest, desire, action—put the formula to work for more impactful ad copy.

Thank-You Email

Quickly draft thank-you emails to your customers (and anybody else who deserves one).

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