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AI is helping small businesses juggle everyday challenges, and then some. This report—with data points gathered from small businesses—shows how AI is lending small businesses a helping hand. And why shouldn’t you take the help, too? These takeaways show where small businesses face challenges and how AI can help get the ball rolling.

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Afraid of dropping the ball by giving control of your business to new technology? 

Small businesses are breaking free of the fear and skepticism holding them back when it comes to AI. How can you learn from the competition?

We’re introducing Break Free, a report on the state of AI and marketing for small businesses—filled with original insights sparked from speaking to 400 businesses across North America.

AI is transforming small business marketing forever. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to embrace the future of marketing—now.

Small businesses using AI tools consider them integral to their business growth.

of small businesses say AI tools reduce time spent on marketing tasks.

of respondents say AI tools reduce the need to hire additional marketing headcount.


of respondents say AI tools decrease costs.


Create your pages--smartly

Who says you need more headcount for your lean business? Make landing pages, popups, and sticky bars on your own. Smart Builder helps you create beautiful, high-converting marketing campaigns—no matter your skill level.

Write your copy--quickly

Saving time for your bigger business tasks just got easier. Instead of trying to put on your copywriting hat, you can use AI copywriting tools that help you instantly generate, remix, and expand content for anything—like landing pages, ads, emails—in seconds.

Optimize your traffic--easily

Better results AND less costs? Yup, possible. Unbounce routes your visitors to the best landing page for people like them and—on average—gets you 30% more sales and signups.

Why optimism is in the air about an AI-powered future

Regardless of whether they’re using AI or not, a majority of respondents said they’re excited about how AI will enable them to grow their business over time. 

How AI helps businesses save time and grow revenue

Small businesses who’ve already adopted AI told us they see better performance and take on a broader range of marketing initiatives than those who don’t.

How lack of marketing expertise stunts small business growth

Finding marketing expertise in today’s world is a challenge for small businesses, in their words. AI tools are helping them close that knowledge gap.


Your fear of AI is holding you back. Here’s how to break free.