Landing Page Templates

One of the keys to conversion centered design is understanding what goes into a high performing page. We created our suite of best-practice landing page templates based on the principles of usability and interaction architecture so you can be confident that you're building on a solid foundation.

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As Easy As Powerpoint

By using a pre-built landing page template you can publish a page in minutes. Just swap out the logo, add a photo and some messaging and you're ready.

Built for Conversion

All of our templates are based on layouts that work by following the principles of conversion design such as whitespace, encapsulation, directional cues, color and contrast.

Familiar Layouts

We are continually adding new templates to handle the requirements of different business types, providing a wide range of standardized layouts.

Build a Landing Page Without a Designer or Developer

Our landing page templates allow you to initiate a new marketing campaign without the usual overheads associated with design and software development.

You can build an Unbounce landing page with absolutely no knowledge of HTML or web design. Grab the logo from your website, insert a product photo, write some sales copy that matches your PPC ads and you can be up and running with a minimum of stress.

Each template has been designed with conversion in mind using intelligent Call to Action (CTA) placement, bullet lists, video widgets and simple lead capture forms.

Using our templates as a guide, you can enhance your conversion rates.

Increase Your Conversions With a Professional Marketing Experience

By using (or starting with) a landing page template, you can deliver a more consistent and professional marketing experience to your customers.

Different marketing messages require different styles of landing page. In B2B for example, lead capture is the primary purpose of landing pages and studies have shown that performance can be enhanced by placing the form on the right-hand side of the page. A good example of this can be see at Anne Holland's Which Test Won website. Note that this isn't a hard and fast rule and A/B testing should be used to find the optimal location for your target demographic.

Little secrets like this are built into all of our landing page templates to give you the best chance of converting more effectively.

Built-In Directional Cues for Attention Based Design

The arrow pointing at this paragraph is designed as a directional cue to guide your visitors to an area of importance on your landing page. Some of our landing page templates include elements like this to help you create an optimal conversion experience.