Click-Through Landing Page Template


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This is the most basic of landing pages. The goal is to entice your visitor to “click through” to your intended final destination. The layout and content is intended to lead the user towards the primary Call To Action (CTA).

Live demo of the “click-through” template

Template Features
  • Logo
  • Banner area
  • Simple value proposition headline
  • Feature/benefit bullets
  • Call to Action (CTA) button
  • Testimonials

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  1. Cademusgr says:

    Where is the photoshop file?

  2. Oli Gardner says:

    Hi there, Sorry for the confusion. The details on this page mistakenly copied from another page. There isn’t actually a PSD for this template (it’s one of our old ones). Let me know if there is a particular element you need. Thanks, Oli

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