Click Through 2

Graphical Click-Through Landing Page Template


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Photoshop Files

Download the Photoshop file (PSD) for this landing page template.

This is the most basic of landing pages. The goal is to entice your visitor to “click through” to your intended final destination. The layout and content is intended to lead the user towards the primary Call To Action (CTA).

Live demo of this template Download Photoshop PSD

Template Features
  • Prominent “hero shot” banner area
  • Flexible unique selling proposition (USP) communication area
  • Feature/benefit bullets
  • Graphical Call to Action (CTA) button
  • Bonus/callout label
  • Testimonials
Implementation Notes

There are a few graphical elements that should be replaced when using this template, such as the logo, banner and CTA. These can be customized using the Photoshop file provided.

The primary heading area (or USP) has been placed in the grey stripe below the banner. This has been built using an Unbounce “Page Section”. As such, it can be extended vertically to allow for a multi-line statement as required. Simply click within the stripe, then drag the bottom edge of the section down to increase the height (aim for the top edge to avoid the text area within).

If you aren’t able to use Photoshop to update the primary CTA button, you can easily delete it and add a new (standard) button.