Consulting Landing Page Templates

Securing contracts for your consulting firm depends on your ability to demonstrate your expertise. Use these consulting landing page templates to show decision makers why your firm has the skills and experience to deliver results.

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Simple (Video Background)

Simple wows. More importantly, it works. Start with an attention-grabbing video background, then fill in the details with a lean value proposition and bold CTA.

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Toolbox (Lightbox)

Grab your boots and get down to business with this no-nonsense theme. A simple layout makes it easy for users to find and request info — perfect for trades or other services.

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Hommse (Lightbox)

Life’s too short to work with cheap tools. This simple theme is perfect for construction and other trades, but it still includes rich features like parallax scrolling.

Good Bank

A detailed, professional click-through theme that’s perfect for mortgage brokers, banks or other financial institutions.


This lead gen theme is perfect for agencies and consulting firms. It uses high-contrast and large typography to put the focus on your brand’s value proposition.

Service Callback

This bright, cheerful theme puts your lead gen form front and centre. Ideal for capturing leads for any agency, consulting firm or health & wellness service.


Spark interest in your ebook, course or digital resource with this high-contrast theme. Your copy takes center stage here, so arm yourself with compelling words.


Perfect for agencies, freelancers and other service providers. This clean theme puts the focus on your message and encourages action with a bold signup form.

Unbounce Landing Page Template How To Invite
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HowTo – Invite

Inspire your prospects to get excited for your new product or service. Collect email addresses and make sure your most passionate fans are the first to know.

Unbounce Landing Page Template Polo
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Polo is ideal for service-based companies—especially the travel industry. This simple lead capture page uses bold imagery to augment your value proposition.

Unbounce Landing Page Template Next
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Perfect for capturing leads for your exciting new product or service. Detailed enough to incite curiosity, simple enough that you don’t give too much away.

Unbounce Landing Page Template Lido
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A smart, detailed theme that gives visitors everything they need to know about your ebook, ecourse or digital publication. Add your details, start collecting leads.

Unbounce Landing Page Template Nest
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A simple lead capture page with a high-converting form. This theme puts the focus on your value proposition. Includes a nifty parallax header—use high-res imagery!

Unbounce Landing Page Template Simple
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Simple just works—especially for the service industry. Start with a memorable background photo, then fill in the details with a lean value proposition and bold CTA.

5 Elements

Multi-purpose lead gen page with the right balance of all 5 landing page elements: unique selling proposition, hero shot, benefits, social proof, and call-to-action.

Lasano (Health & Wellness)

The soft, calming visuals of this theme make it ideal for health services like physio, massage, coaching, and yoga. Use it to boost registration or qualify leads.

Lead Generation Minimalist Dark

A simple lead capture page with lots of contrast. Includes a customizable form designed with conversion best practices.

York (Legal)

Designed to convey professionalism, competence and trust. York is the perfect template for generating appointments and callbacks for your law firm.

Lead Generation Minimalist Light

A lead capture page with customizable form area. The value proposition is placed next to the form to encourage more conversions.


Perfect for showing off the services and reputable clients of any marketing or creative agency. If your potential clients need to see lots of detail, use this theme.

Wanted Dark

Throw on your hunting boots and chase down prospects with this bold lead gen theme. Includes a lengthy (and fully customizable) form for capturing prospect details.

Wanted Light

Bounty hunters know there’s no detail too small when you’re on the chase. This lead gen page includes a longer form for capturing detailed info from your prospects.

Click Through Minimalist Light

This theme is ‘all killer no filler.’ Get straight to the point with a prominent headline and image/video, then dive into your benefits.

Pixly Blue

This template appeals to both ‘spontaneous’ and ‘methodical’ visitors: a simple hero section for hurried users, and detailed copy blocks for info-hungry prospects.

Product Service

A simple click-through template with an all-white background that keeps the focus on your message. As the name suggests, this can be used for any product or service.

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