Health Landing Page Templates

Need to boost membership for a health club or facility? Or how about broadening the reach of your digital health products? Use these health landing page templates to capture leads, sales and signups for your products or services. Make sure to highlight your offering with high-res photography.

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Insura (Lightbox)

This lead gen template is perfect for insurance providers: it includes industry-appropriate icons and a call-to-action that opens the form in a lightbox.

Service Callback

This bright, cheerful theme puts your lead gen form front and centre. Ideal for capturing leads for any agency, consulting firm or health & wellness service.

Fitspo (Click Through)

Need to boost membership for a health club or facility? Fitspo uses urban design cues to make a memorable first impression and compel visitors to take the next step.

Fitspo (Lead Generation)

Convert visitors into leads with a twist of urban panache. This bold theme gives you plenty of real estate to show why your health club beats the competition.

Unbounce Landing Page Template Nest
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A simple lead capture page with a high-converting form. This theme puts the focus on your value proposition. Includes a nifty parallax header—use high-res imagery!

Lasano (Health & Wellness)

The soft, calming visuals of this theme make it ideal for health services like physio, massage, coaching, and yoga. Use it to boost registration or qualify leads.

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