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Voice Based Marketing Automation with IfByPhone

Ifbyphone is a voice based marketing automation company that helps marketers measure, manage and automate customer interactions over the phone.

Ifbyphone’s Call Tracking software enables you capture more qualified leads that are ready to buy now, and connect them immediately to your sales team.

Why use call tracking?

Eager prospects ready to buy your product or service want to speak with you now. By publishing a call tracking number on your landing page, you give them the opportunity to contact your sales team immediately, and avoid the risk of them finding a competitor before you respond to their inquiry.

Traditionally phone leads have been more challenging to measure, but with Ifbyphone’s call tracking solution you can measure conversion rates as well as the quality of your phone leads. In addition, including a phone number on your landing pages can actually boost conversion rates and marketing ROI.

Case Study

Use of call tracking helped a client of optimization company Wider Funnel to achieve a 42% increase in phone calls

An exclusive offer for Unbounce customers

When Unbounce customers sign up via the link below, they will receive a uniquely priced package including:

  • $20 Package
  • 200 Minutes
  • 2 Numbers (additional numbers available at regular rates)
  • Basic Package Features

How To Get Started

Ifbyphone offer excellent hands-on customer support. For help getting started, feel free to call Ifbyphone’s team at 877-286-2959 and mention you want the “Unbounce” package.