The Conversion Ecosystem

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A landing page is your first date with prospective customers. You’re all suited up, you’ve brushed your hair, and thanks to Unbounce you’re optimized for conversions. But what happens after the first conversion?

How They Work Together

Get insight into what makes your leads tick

Do those leads go into a generic pile of other email addresses and phone numbers? Or do you nurture them with tailored communications that reflect their specific needs and interests? And how do you know if those leads were any good or just using you for your content?

See what content your leads have downloaded over time. Get a comprehensive history of their conversions and set up notifications to your sales team when a lead comes back and reconverts.

Trigger personalized emails based on landing page completion and other behaviour

Automatically send relevant emails to leads who convert on your Unbounce pages. Use marketing automation to nurture leads and send them information only when it is most relevant to their buying cycle.

See how your campaigns and landing pages are contributing to your bottom line

Use HubSpot’s analytics and closed-loop reporting to see how much money your campaigns and landing pages have brought into your company. Make smarter investments by prioritizing the pages that have been most effective.

How the Unbounce Dashboard looks in Hubspot

Hubspot customers who use Unbounce for their landing pages can access their Unbounce dashboard directly from the Hubspot marketplace.

Unbounce in Hubspot Dashboard

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  • Segments: Use smart lists to create targeted segments and automatically nurture them.
  • Update: Use workflows to update contact properties and add or remove leads from lists.
  • Email: Trigger emails based on downloads, property changes, pageviews, or clicks.
  • Score: Create customized lead scores based on lead activity.