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Marketo is a powerful marketing automation tool that allows you to continue driving quality marketing experiences with potential customers long after your landing page.

How the Integration Works

With the Unbounce and Marketo integration, you will now be able to create custom forms within Unbounce landing pages and pass leads directly into Marketo to trigger marketing automation activities. Marketo offers:







Lead Scoring

Not every lead is the same. Based on your prospects web activity and your target demographic, Marketo is able to pinpoint your most qualified prospects, so you can spend time where it matters.





Lead Nurturing

You’ve followed all the CCD best practices, built a high-converting, mobile responsive landing page but what happens after you get a lead? Not every lead is ready to become a customer immediately after signing up. Often, you will first need to establish trust and build a relationship with your prospect before they are ready to take the plunge. With Marketo, you can nurture each lead across multiple channels – communicating consistently and providing the most relevant content throughout your sales cycle.





Better Measurement

Understand how each campaign and piece of content contributes to your bottom line with advanced user centric reporting.


How The Integration Works
  • Create custom forms within Unbounce landing pages and pass lead information directly into Marketo to trigger marketing automation activities.

  • Map Unbounce form fields directly to Marketo.

  • Specify which Marketo lists to send leads to.

  • Get notified when there is an error sending leads so that you’re able to easily resolve the problem.

  • Send Unbounce metrics such as, IP address, page variant, page URL and more to better understand  your leads.

Benefits of Marketo
  • Understand how your campaigns, landing pages and content contribute to your bottom line.

  • Score your leads so that you can put your efforts into the most qualified leads.

  • Help nurture leads throughout a long research process.

  • Trigger customized marketing automation activities when a lead is submitted through Unbounce.

For a step by step guide on the Unbounce and Marketo integration, visit the Unbounce Academy.