Features Designed for Marketers

Using Unbounce, marketers can build custom, high-converting landing pages without relying on technical teams or dealing with I.T. bottlenecks. See how Unbounce can make your next campaign faster and more effective.

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Drag & Drop

Fast Page Design

Whether you’re using a template or starting from scratch, rearranging any page element takes just seconds.

Advanced Design Features

Create Stunning Landing Pages

Add advanced design features such as parallax scrolling and full page background images to your high converting landing pages in seconds and without any IT support.

Mobile Responsive

100% Customizable

Now you can build one mobile responsive landing page that displays beautifully across all your visitors' devices. And unlike other platforms with rigid templates that can’t be customized, Unbounce gives you complete flexibility to update the layout and design to stay on brand.

Lead Generation Tools

Generate Leads for Sales or Email Campaigns

Build forms quickly, without any HTML. Send the leads you generate to your sales team or email software automatically.

The Best Landing Page Experience on Any Device

Your potential customers open email on the go, so your landing pages need to look stunning and adjust seamlessly on mobile devices. Our Mobile Responsive feature and templates ensure that you’ve got a mobile-specific landing page for every campaign. No more missed opportunities.


WordPress Integration

Publish to WordPress With 1 Click

Connect Unbounce to any WordPress site without help from developers. No hosting issues, no DNS holdups, no CNAME troubleshooting…no problem!

Dynamic Text Replacement

Improve the Relevance of Your Page

Especially useful for marketers running pay-per-click ads, Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement automatically swaps out select keywords on your landing pages to match up with the keywords your prospects are using in their Google search queries. This means from search, to ad, to landing page, your copy is consistently relevant, no matter what the user searches for.


Script Manager

Add Analytics Tags Automatically

Using Script Manager you can apply custom scripts to all of the pages in a domain (or multiple domains) via a one-time process. If you need to add custom scripts (like Google Analytics) across a number of your pages, Script Manager makes this a breeze.

Automatic SSL Encryption

The only landing page builder with SSL for custom domains

To assure visitors your data is coming from a secure source, Unbounce automatically creates an SSL certificate for your landing pages. This encrypted link between server and browser eliminates mixed content warnings, and increases conversions by allowing seamless navigation between pages.

A / B Testing

Run simple, yet powerful A/B tests to determine whether your page’s messaging resonates with potential customers. Each test will help you find out what your audience responds to, and will help optimize your conversion rates for more effective marketing spend.

Real Time Stats

Our dashboard provides real-time data on how your pages are converting. Quickly see how well your pages and A / B tests are performing. Need more detail than views, conversions and conversion rate? It’s easy to add your Google Analytics tracking.


Marketers use many different tools to achieve their goals. Unbounce lets marketers send leads where they’re needed automatically, include their landing page data in their analytics software and more.


MailChimp AWeber Constant-Contact


Salesforce Hubspot Zoho

Marketing Automation

Hubspot Infusionsoft Marketo


Google Analytics KISSmetrics



For a full list of integrations and partners to help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns, check out our Conversion Ecosystem

Multi-User & Client Management


If you have multiple clients to manage, you can now add them all to your main Unbounce account.

  • Management of multiple client accounts
  • Separation of client landing pages
  • Separation of billing
  • Different user “Roles” including: “Authors” – for creating pages, and read-only “Viewers” to allow stakeholders to preview your pages after being invited to your client accounts

Custom Domains

Custom domains let you publish your landing pages on your own domain in compliance with AdWords policy.

Lead Notification Email

Choose to be alerted each time a visitor submits their contact information on your landing page. You can also import or export incoming lead information.

Empower Your Marketing Team to Drive Better Results from Their Campaigns