Automatic SSL Encryption

To assure visitors your data is coming from a secure source, Unbounce automatically creates an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate for your landing pages — without disrupting your original HTTP links.


This encrypted link between server and browser eliminates mixed content warnings, which allows for seamless navigation between pages.


Unbounce Automatically Secures Your Landing Pages with SSL


Step 1

Add any domain ( to your Unbounce account.


Step 2

Unbounce automatically generates a unique SSL Certificate for your domain.


Step 3

All your landing page URLs become available in HTTPS, and display a green security padlock.

SSL improves performance

Google uses SSL as a ranking signal in order to encourage sites that are trusted and certified. In other words, SSL has positive SEO benefits.

What’s more, 77% of website visitors worry about data security online — and close to half may not complete a form if security indicators aren’t displayed.

SSL improves security

SSL encrypts data between website and browser, ensuring data sent through your landing page cannot be intercepted.

That means information submitted by your prospects can move securely from your landing pages to your Unbounce account.

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