Turn more email clicks into sales and signups


Close the gap between inbox and conversion with dedicated landing pages tailored to each email campaign.

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Turn more email clicks into sales and signups

Close the gap between inbox and conversion with dedicated landing pages tailored to each email campaign.

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Create a consistent experience from inbox to post-click

You’ve won a valuable spot in your prospect’s inbox. Then they clicked through to your offer (woo hoo!). Now comes the crucial point of conversion—the point when websites fall flat.

Mixed messaging gets poor results

Sending visitors to a generic, link-filled website after they clicked an email for 20% off pumpkin-spiced dog treats muddies the message you’ve already sold someone on and risks distracting them from what they came for.

New web pages come with new bottlenecks

Whether you’re coding yourself or trying to score dev time, creating a new website page tailored to each email’s design, messaging, and offering is a drain on resources (that could be better spent elsewhere).

Mobile visitors demand a mobile-optimized experience

A massive 59%* of emails are opened on a mobile device. Fast, mobile responsive, offer-specific landing pages give smartphone browsers exactly what they want—before they even think to bounce. *Source

Custom landing pages make click-throughs count

As an email marketer, you need a streamlined experience from open, to click, to post-click. Try Unbounce to see how it can deliver better campaigns and more conversions.
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Launch campaign-tailored pages, fast

Drag-and-drop your way to beautiful, professional-grade landing pages that can be easily edited to work with any email campaign.
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Match each campaign’s look with customizable templates

Take creative control of over 100+ designer templates to match every branded product, event, giveaway, or sale you’re offering to your email subscribers.

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Build fast-loading pages for mobile

Mobile traffic gets the best mobile treatment with super-fast loading pages powered by Unbounce Speed Boost.

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Save time with page cloning

Like it? Clone it! Recreate existing pages for different email campaigns with a single click and edit as you see fit for even quicker launch times.

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I took an Unbounce template and did very little, and our ebooks generated dozens of leads a day, while our landing page started converting at 44% overnight.

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Create a personalized experience

Relevance converts. Give visitors a bespoke experience from email to landing page with the right message and the right offer at the exact right time.
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Match page text to each email recipient, automatically

Dynamic Text Replacement swaps out text by keyword, so Fred Frederickson of Freddie’s Fruit Fly Farm gets an email and landing page featuring his name, company, or location.

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Surface relevant offers based on visitor activity

Deliver calls to action triggered by someone’s browser behavior using popups and sticky bars. Add them to your landing pages to highlight related promotions and special offers.

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Add customized tools with scripts

Apply calendars for bookings, customer review widgets, or even sell tickets across several landing pages at once using Script Manager.

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We strategically designed the pages with DTR in mind, so that keywords could be placed throughout the page. Instead of having to create 750+ landing pages, we only had to create one.

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Optimize pages for better performance

Leave the guesswork out of the equation with pages that meaningfully improve your campaign results.
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Push lead data into your CRM and MA

Integrations with HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo—and over 1,000 more through Zapier—make it easy to track leads for better segmentation, personalization, and nurturing.

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Know what’s working on every page

Take a data dive with our page stats or by integrating tools like Google Analytics to get even more granular insight into your email campaigns.

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Leverage machine learning for best results

Our Smart Traffic feature automagically send every prospect of your list to the landing page version most likely to convert.

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