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Sending Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads to campaign-customized landing pages resonates better with your audience, scores more conversions, and makes your ad dollars go further.

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Your Website’s Too Generic for Paid Social Traffic

The strategic, granular targeting of social media ads goes to waste when visitors land on a generalized website. An ad-customized landing page with one goal, one link, and one message helps lead that traffic straight to conversion.

Scrollers and browsers require an extra nudge

Passive social media browsers are often still in the brand awareness phase. Sending them to a focused landing page (instead of a high-level website) helps push them into the product awareness phase and closer to converting.

Social traffic is mobile traffic

Mobile visitors need fast-loading, hyper-targeted pages to keep their attention. Most social media activity takes place on our little handheld screens, but many websites aren’t optimized for a mobile experience.

Code-heavy sites slow down turnaround time

New products, seasonal campaigns, ad set varieties, and different platforms call for their own pages to effectively convert—but website structures restrict marketers’ abilities to publish often or quickly enough.

Create Custom, Targeted Landing Pages for Paid Social in a Snap

Quickly design polished, on-brand landing pages for every social ad in our drag-and-drop builder and watch your conversions take off.
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Whip Up Mobile Responsive Pages Without Coding

Anyone can build, tailor, and publish pages that look and function exactly as needed, on any screen, without having to loop in a developer.
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All skill levels can build

Start with one of 100+ templates that can be easily customized to your heart’s content with simple drag-and-drop design.

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Look great on any device

Flip between desktop and mobile versions while building to create pages that look exactly right, no matter which screen your paid social visitors view them on.

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Clone pages for fast execution

In a few clicks you can duplicate your highest-performing pages, edit their copy and images to match a new ad, and get a fresh campaign out the door.

Collect Leads and Run Precise Retargeting

Use your newly acquired Unbounce leads to inspire related offers and lookalike ad campaigns.
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Get the leads you want with custom forms

Customize forms with hidden fields, drop-down menus, checkboxes, and more to bring in your most qualified leads.

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Generate lookalike audiences for retargeting

Add a Facebook pixel to any page to capture visitor data and run effective retargeting campaigns.

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Attract more leads with super-targeted popups

Trigger lead-gen popups on any landing (or web) page by visitor action, referral source, location, time-on-page, or even cookie behavior to deliver relevant offers at the right moment.

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Get a Higher Return on Your Ad Spend

Watch your ad return go up as faster-loading, relevant destination pages turn more clicks into conversions.
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Keep audiences engaged with fast-loading pages

Speed Boost and AMP make for near-instant page load times that give visitors all the information they need to convert before they can even think to bounce.

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Test quickly and easily to learn what works

Automagically optimize your campaigns using AI-powered Smart Traffic. A/B Test landings pages for different ads to see what’s resonating with your audiences.

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Clearly monitor each page’s performance

Automatically track visits, clicks, and conversions with in-app stats, plus our native Google Analytics integration.

Landing Pages Tailored to Facebook Ads Got Indochino Over 800 Showroom Bookings

Menswear retailer Indochino almost instantly saw higher ROAS and got 750+ newsletter signups by sending Facebook ads to campaign-customized Unbounce pages.


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