Get more bang for your PPC ad bucks

With Unbounce, you can build relevant, high-converting landing pages for Google Ads to earn more revenue from every ad dollar you spend. Get more conversions over time using AI with our Smart Traffic feature.

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Get more bang for your PPC ad bucks

With Unbounce, you can build relevant, high-converting landing pages for Google Ads to earn more revenue from every ad dollar you spend. Get more conversions over time using AI with our Smart Traffic feature.

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Your ads aren’t the problem—
it’s your website that’s costing you

You’ve got to “pay to play” to get your Google Ads in top positions. But these valuable clicks need to lead to the right, most relevant places to pay off.
A PPC ad leading to a generic website homepage

If you send paid traffic to a website…

Most visitors just explore and bounce. The content doesn’t match the premise set up in your ads, there are tons of distracting links, and there’s no singular, clear path to convert.

A PPC ad that leads to a matching landing page

If you send paid traffic to a landing page…

The content matches your ads exactly, there are fewer distractions, and everything leads to one juicy CTA. You’ll earn better Quality Scores from Google and lower your cost-per-click.

Build tailored landing pages to match every ad group

Pair your ads with tailored landing pages to create more consistent post-click experiences. You’ll get your ads served up more often and boost your conversion rates by showing visitors the exact offers they’re searching for.
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Drag-and-drop makes building fast

Create on-brand landing pages for all your ad groups and target keywords. Use the drag-and-drop builder to quickly develop high-converting pages for both desktop and mobile.

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Absolutely zero coding experience required

Building a landing page has never been easier. Get started fast with 100+ high-converting templates, or find your inspiration on a blank canvas.

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Quickly scale high-performing campaigns

When you find an ad-to-landing-page combo that delivers, it’s like hitting the PPC jackpot. Use Unbounce to quickly clone your work for other campaigns.

A landing page that matches PPC ad copy exactly

Unbounce has been a critical tool in our service offering. We’ve been able to quickly build and test landing page variants in a breeze, with little development overhead. If you’re doing CRO and PPC advertising, I HIGHLY recommend them.

Jordan Choo, Managing Partner at Kogneta
Jordan Choo, Managing Partner at Kogneta Group 35 Created with Sketch.
Jordan Choo, Managing Partner at Kogneta

Drive more leads and revenue from your PPC spend

Unbounce landing pages give you a massive advantage over your competition. Earn more ad impressions, clicks, and conversions for less cost.
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Bring your Quality Score up
and your cost-per-click down

The cost of your Google Ads depends on the relevance and even the loading speed of your landing pages. To bring that CPC down, you need to first improve your visitor experience.
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Instantly boost your relevance

Make one landing page relevant for many different keywords. With Dynamic Text Replacement, you can increase your Quality Score by swapping out headlines and text on your landing pages to match exactly what each visitor is searching for.

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Stop losing visitors’ attention

Google punishes slow page speeds with a worse Ad Rank and lower position in the ad auction. Unbounce gives your pages an automatic speed boost for faster load times, better engagement, and improved ad placements.

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Google Search Offers

We refuse to run paid ads on Google without Unbounce landing pages. Understanding the intricacies between both not only gets you better results, but saves you tons of time and money. Google will like you better, and your visitors will too.

Jonathan Naccache, Co-Founder at Webistry
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Jonathan Naccache, Co-Founder at Webistry

Measure your campaign performance

With Unbounce, you’ll be able to easily see which ad groups, keyword bids, and landing pages are delivering the greatest value.
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Monitor every click and conversion

You’ll get the complete picture of visitor actions and behaviors when you connect your landing pages to Google Analytics and Google Ads conversion tracking.

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Set up your tracking all at once

Using Unbounce’s Script Manager, you can deploy the Google Ads tracking code or Google Tag Manager across all your pages in one fell swoop.

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Discover which pages perform best

Get better conversion rates by running A/B tests on your messaging, offers, page design, and forms. You’ll quickly learn what visitors find most relevant and persuasive.

Get really, really, ridiculously good results

Check out a real-world example from Outdoor Adventure Marketing, who switched their client’s PPC ads to point at landing pages instead of a website.
Outdoor Adventure Marketing logo

Decreased cost-per-acquisition by


Increased Quality Score from

8 to 10

Increased conversion rate by


Earn more revenue from your next PPC campaign

Take the Unbounce builder for an interactive test drive today and see how easy it is to build high-converting landing pages.
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