SMART TRAFFICMore Conversions, Less Guessing
and Testing

Create a few landing pages. Turn on Smart Traffic. And in as few as 50 visits, it’ll automagically send your visitors to the landing page variant most likely to convert ‘em. Yep, optimization has never been easier.

30% More Conversions? 
Tell. Me. More.

One landing page won’t convert all your visitors—you know that as much as we do. By creating multiple variants and turning on Smart Traffic, you connect every prospect with more relevant experiences—upping your chances of conversion.

*Customers see an average 30% conversion lift compared to a standard A/B test.

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I’ve seen the results myself. I’ve seen how it has led us in the right direction. I’m very confident in the product. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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Christian Krohn, Founder
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Small Business Marketing, Big Business Energy

That’s right—you don’t need a deep pocket or team of marketing specialists to get Smart Traffic up and runnin’. With a click of a button, you can set it and forget it. Swap out endless testing cycles and wasted ad spend for optimization on autopilot.

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for Today—
and Tomorrow

Best practices are stale practices. Now, you can stay up to date on your customers’ evolving preferences. Smart Traffic dynamically tracks conversion patterns, which means it can detect changes in visitor behaviors right away. With insights like these, your marketing will never go out of style.

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I just leave it up to the AI to do its thing. If you are really busy, or you don’t have that optimization experience, Smart Traffic will be your new best friend. It’s using machine learning to help you get those better results.

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Mats Moy, Founder
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Say Hello to Your New Potential

Even when you sign off for the day, Smart Traffic is still working to get your message in front of new prospects—exposing your brand to audiences, segments, and verticals that you may have never discovered on your own. Get excited to wake up to new growth opportunities.

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What’s the Secret Sauce for Max Conversions?

Build high-converting landing pages with Smart Builder, and then optimize with Smart Traffic. Trust us—it’s a match made in marketing heaven.
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Grow Smarter with Smart
Traffic Reporting

Got questions about your campaign? We’ve got answers. Smart Traffic Reporting provides a peek into high-performing (and low-performing) variants and traffic segments. With data like this, you know where to focus your efforts and drive the best results. (And that’s the beauty of conversion intelligence.)

Deactivate Variant

When one variant isn’t performing well, Smart Traffic will suggest deactivating it so you can focus your budget on higher-performing variants. No more wasted ad spend—let’s make every click count.

Smart Traffic Segments

Coming Soon: When lots of your visitors exhibit similar conversion behavior, Smart Traffic will highlight their attributes in common—so you can keep optimizing for your audience.

Ready to Score More Leads, Sales, and Signups?

When you connect your visitors with relevant landing pages, the likelihood of converting them skyrockets. With Smart Traffic doing all the heavy lifting, how could you say no?
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