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Group page elements to move & duplicate together

While we don’t yet have a grouping feature, you can achieve the same functionality by adding a box element to your page (then making it transparent with no border so it’s invisible if required).

Now you can select this box by clicking on it and other elements you add (text, image, form etc.) will become children of the box – which means if you select and drag or copy the box, all of it’s contained elements will follow along.

If you want to create a feature or benefit list with a title, description and bullet list graphic icon, you can dump them all inside a box (you can’t drag them in to make this work, you must select the box and add the other elements after). Now you can select the box ad click the duplicate button to get a new copy of the whole structure.

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  1. Michele

    How do I ungroup elements that are now grouped? Trying to delete some boxes, but it deletes other grouped elements too.