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6 Articles on Design Theory to Help You Create Beautiful Landing Pages

By , March 14th, 2015 in Landing Page Design | 8 comments

If design isn’t your forte, creating beautiful landing pages that convert can be a real pain in the butt. From color psychology to typography to more subtle visual tricks, here’s a roundup of posts that will help you design landing pages that don’t get in the way of conversion.

Brutally Honest Advice for Better Landing Page Design

By , March 13th, 2015 in Landing Page Design | 9 comments

In the world of conversion rate optimization, beauty alone won’t win the battle — your landing page design also needs to convey your unique value proposition. Peep Laja, David Kadavy and our own Oli Gardner break down what it takes to create a bombshell page that converts.

Wayfinding Conventions: Design Your Landing Pages to Guide Visitors to Action

By , March 10th, 2015 in Landing Page Design | 7 comments

We rely on cues from our physical environment to help us get around – both in the real world and online. Which measures are you taking to help users find their way on your landing pages?

Do These Landing Page Design Trends Help or Hurt Conversions?

Every landing page designer walks the fine line between form and function. Every page has to convert, regardless of what it looks like. Here are a few landing page trends that you should be aware of — and when to be wary of them.

17 Battle-Tested Resources for Marketers Who Stink at Design

By , June 13th, 2014 in Landing Page Design | 24 comments

Even if you have an eye for design, you may still suck at making visuals for your marketing campaigns. Here are 17 resources that can help – no Photoshop skills required.

Can This Crazy Design Hack Help Make Your Landing Page Convert?

By , March 27th, 2014 in Landing Page Design | 33 comments

How do you make sure your audience likes your landing page design? Find out what they “Like” on Facebook! That’s just the first step in this crazy/brilliant landing page design hack.

9 Landing Page Design Techniques That Will Make You a Conversion Hero

By , March 19th, 2014 in Landing Page Design | 21 comments

Copy is important but a beautiful, conversion-centered landing page design can make all the difference between success and failure. Here are 9 design techniques to apply to your campaign.

So You Think You’re a Landing Page Designer? [5 Templates Critiqued]

By , March 7th, 2014 in Landing Page Design | 16 comments

Anyone could be a landing page designer, but the very best know how to design for conversion. Here are 5 awesome landing page templates and how we would make them better.

Why These Ugly Designs Convert Beautifully

By , February 27th, 2014 in Landing Page Design | 6 comments

Landing page design should be conversion-centered AND easy on the eyes, but sometimes function trumps form. Here are 3 butt ugly designs that convert like crazy.

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