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Behavioral Emails That Keep Customers Coming Back (with Examples from My Inbox)

On average, it costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain one. What are you doing to keep your customers happy and coming back for more? Here are 12 examples of emails you can send to automate customer retention.

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Write a Word of Email Opt-In Copy

Does your email opt-in make visitors feel that they just *have* to subscribe? Why not try a more research-based approach? Here are five you need to know to write tailored email opt-in copy that converts.

4 Steps to Writing Emails with Drastically Higher Open and Click-Through Rates

Even if your email list is huge, poor open and click-through rates prevent you from spreading the word about your marketing campaigns. Here are four tips to help you write more engaging, super-clickable emails.

5 Simple Ways to Get More Paying Customers Out of Your Email Marketing

An engaged email marketing list is an invaluable asset – if you make it easy for people to convert. Here are five proven tactics you can use in your email marketing campaigns to turn qualified email subscribers into customers.

7 A/B Tests You Should Be Running On Your Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are incredibly powerful for nurturing and converting leads, but when was the last time you tested more than just your subject line? Here are seven more advanced A/B tests you should be running to optimize your welcome emails.

5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Killing Your Open Rates

You can’t capitalize on the high-converting nature of email marketing if your emails aren’t being opened. Here are five common mistakes that hurt email open rates.

How to Stop Your Welcome Email From Being a Dead End

Welcome emails aren’t dead-end receipts – they should provide value and nurture new leads. Here are five ways to craft a welcome email that inspires leads to take action.

4 Ways to Turn Boring Transactional Emails into Cash

Every email you send should delight customers – even if it’s just a receipt. Here’s how to make sure your transactional emails are keeping the conversions rolling.

5 Embarrassing Habits That Keep Your Emails From Getting Clicked

Bad email marketing bombards our inboxes every single day. Here’s how to make sure your emails get opened – and inspire action.

8 Ways to Convert Free Trial Users Into Customers Through Email Marketing

Our job as marketers isn’t over when the customer walks through the door. We need to help nudge them further along the sales funnel. Here’s how companies like Crazy Egg, FreshBooks and Get Response are doing that with email marketing.

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