PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing Blog Posts

Pay-per-click is the term used to describe inbound traffic that comes via paid search sources such as Google AdWords (or the Bing/Yahoo equivalent) or Facebook Ads (in the social realm).

If you want to learn more about Landing Pages, check out The Conversion Marketing Glossary.

4 Simple Steps to Smarter (and More Profitable) Display Ads

Display advertising isn’t dead – it’s alive to the global tune of $3.5 billion. But in a world where people are more likely to birth twins than click on a banner ad, you’ve got to have a smart advertising strategy to get your ads noticed.

How to Write the Highest-Performing AdWords Ads, Ever

With such limited space and cut-throat competition, writing AdWords ads is a pain. To stand out from the sea of sameness, make sure you’re using these battle-tested tactics.

5 Unknown Tips To Hack Your Retargeting

If not done strategically, retargeting can flat out piss people off. Luckily, you know better. Here are five simple tactics that will help you deliver targeted, high-converting ads.

3 Simple AdWords Bidding Tweaks to Outsmart Your Competition

Marketers who run successful PPC campaigns know how to take advantage of the tools at their disposal – no matter how basic. Here are three simple bidding tweaks to boost your PPC campaign ROI.

4 Common PPC Mistakes That Are Sending Crappy Leads to Your Landing Page

Pairing your PPC campaigns with a landing page is a great way to get high conversion rates, but only if they work together toward the same goal. Here are four common PPC mistakes that could be sending crappy leads to your landing pages right now – and how to fix them.

Why Ignoring User Intent is Costing You Money in AdWords

If you want to create successful PPC campaigns, you need to understand what prospects are searching for. Here’s why ignoring user intent could be costing you money in AdWords.

You’re Doing AdWords Wrong (Here’s How to Make It Right)

Landing page optimization is a good start, but if you want more ROI from your PPC campaigns, you also need to optimize your AdWords account. Here are three AdWords mistakes that are hurting your conversion rates – and how to fix them.

5 Ways to Beat Your Competitors With Killer PPC Ad Copy

If you want to write winning PPC ad copy, then you need to look beyond “best practices.” Here are five ways to optimize your copy for more conversions.

How to Make More Money in AdWords by Spending Less

Dishing out less cash could help you turn a profit with your PPC campaigns. Sound too good to be true? Welcome to the world of bid optimization.

Is Pay-Per-Click Still Relevant in the Age of Inbound Marketing?

Content marketing. Growth hacking. Native advertising. These are some of the hottest buzzwords in marketing today. So where does PPC fit in? Here’s what 9 conversion experts have to say.

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