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The 7 Principles of
Conversion-Centered Design

A Framework for Designing Effective
Marketing Campaigns

by Oli Gardner
What will you learn?

What will you learn?

In a perfect world, conversions would flow like fresh spring water. But in real life, you need to guide your visitors toward a single call to action with a combination of persuasive design and psychological triggers. Using the principles of Conversion-Centered Design (CCD), I’ll teach you how to create — and optimize for — delightful, high-converting marketing campaigns.
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What’s inside?

  1. 1. Attention

    I’ll share techniques for capturing and keeping your visitor’s Attention from your traffic source to the conversion point on your landing page.

  2. 2. Context

    In this section, you'll learn how to reassure your visitors they've made a "good click" by creating a strong Contextual bond between the pre-click (source of the campaign) and post-click (landing page) experience.

  3. 3. Clarity

    Principle three is all about learning to write copy that quickly and effectively communicates the value proposition of the campaign.

  4. 4. Congruence

    Congruence is all about alignment, and here, you’ll learn about the importance of aligning every element of your landing page with the campaign goal.

  5. 5. Credibility

    If your testimonial photos look like stock, or your trust seals and privacy statements seem desperate, you’ll have a hard time convincing a potential customer to believe in you or your product/service. I’ll discuss ways to encourage and inspire rather than turn people off.

  6. 6. Closing

    The principle of Closing is about studying the area around your CTA, the design of your CTA and the copy you use to inspire a click. You’ll see why it’s important to recognize and remove negative influences that can unknowingly creep into your Closing argument.

  7. 7. Continuance

    In this section, I’ll show you how the principle of Continuance can be used to get a second conversion and create campaign momentum loops, and how to create a post-conversion experience better targeted to your ideal customer.

Maximize Conversions Using the Principles of Conversion-Centered Design

In this step-by-step framework, Oli Gardner will show you how to leverage the seven principles of Conversion-Centered Design to create delightful, 
high-converting marketing campaigns.
Oli Gardner

Meet the Author

I’m Oli Gardner, Unbounce Co-Founder and landing page aficionado. I’ve seen more landing pages than just about anyone on the planet, which is why I created the principles of Conversion-Centered Design, to help marketers leverage the power of design and psychological triggers to create visually stunning and effective marketing campaigns.