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Join Us For The Unbounce Private Beta

The Final Countdown by Europe is ringing in my ears as I write this post. It’s officially “down to the wire” time for the Unbounce team and as anyone from a start-up can attest, there just ain’t enough hours in the day.

Get in on the landing page action before we open it up to the public.

Beta Launch Date Countdown

We’ve opened the doors to a select few companies for a very private Alpha period right now, shortly to be followed by our Beta launch in a week or so.

Sign up here for the Private Beta

What to Expect

For those that have received invites to the private Beta (there are still a few spots remaining) – you can expect to see a whole bunch of landing page awesomeness.

Highlights include:

  • Create a page: Our soon-to-be-legendary editor to construct your landing page.
  • A/B split testing with a single click. This is VERY cool. You can duplicate a page with the speed of a lightning bolt, then modify some page elements and publish a fully functioning A/B test before the IT department can say “umm, well, we can probably push this live next week”.
  • Stats to show how your ideas are performing. Come up with something crazy, test it, then watch the clicks and conversions and adjust the weighting of your A/B test.
  • And a whole bunch of bugs… it comes with the territory :)

Register For the Unbounce Beta Launch

If you’d like to participate in the private beta, and get your hands on the Unbounce landing page service before we release it to the public, then you can sign up here for the beta.

Looking forward to your feedback, insight and participation.

Oli Gardner

About Oli Gardner
Co-Founder of Unbounce. Oli has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet. He is an opinionated writer and international speaker on Conversion Centered Design. You should follow Oli on Twitter
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