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[VIDEO] The Landing Page Sessions: Marketing Campaigns Deconstructed

There are so many things to keep track of when designing a landing page. Is the goal clear? Is the page mobile responsive? Have you optimized the copywriting, testimonials, UX and design? How’s your attention ratio?

With all that responsibility comes a lot on uncertainty. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sounding board? How about the guy who’s seen more landing pages than anyone else on the planet?

With our new series The Landing Pages Sessions, we made that happen for 12 lucky marketers; we deconstructed their marketing campaigns so you can learn from their mistakes.

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The Landing Page Sessions are 15-20 minute videos analyzing real-world marketing campaigns from start to finish. In each episode, Unbounce co-founder Oli Gardner dissects a campaign landing page along with the ad or email that drove traffic to it.

He gives his feedback on what he thinks could improve conversions, offers A/B testing inspiration, then actually implements those changes in the Unbounce builder so you can get the full picture of the optimized page.

And because we like you so much, we’re dropping the first three episodes today. (After this week, we’ll be releasing an episode every Friday.)

Episode 1: Five Hot Seconds

Powder White, a booking service for ski holidays, wants to collect leads by sending email traffic to a landing page. Unfortunately, this goal is lost in a mix of competing CTAs, unclear copy and disappearing form fields. Oli tries to right the ship with a five-second test in UsabilityHub and some quick copy edits in Unbounce.

Episode 2: A Moment of Clarity

NRG Edge is a social network for oil and gas professionals…or is it? Oli isn’t sure at first. “Tabloidy” headlines, bloated copy and generic business speak get in the way of clearly communicating the value. Can an “Unbounce style” makeover bring a needed dose of clarity?

Episode 3: Message Match… Where Art Thou?

Photosocial is driving Facebook traffic to a landing page for its 12-month mentorship program. In this episode, Oli discusses message match vs. design match, how “conversion context” varies between inbound channels, and how to make your testimonials believable. Oh yeah, and how soon is too soon to say “welcome”?

Happy learning!

About Stephanie Saretsky
Stephanie Saretsky is the Multimedia Producer at Unbounce. Producing projects like the Call to Action podcast and The Landing Page Sessions by day and a radio DJ by night, she is a lover of all things multimedia. Find her on Twitter: @msbeansie
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  • Can’t believe no one has commented on these videos yet?!

    Just watched all three, absolute gold! As simple as that. Oli has for years been one of my most inspiring Digital Marketers to follow and his way of explaining things has always resonated with me – could be that Scottish sense of humour?

    Anyway, get these videos watched people!

    Cheers from Edinburgh!


    • Thanks Adam! I think you’re just a super early adopter :)

      Really glad you liked them. It’s an interesting new direction and I can’t wait to hear what everyone has to say about the format and content.

  • I just watched all 3 videos. Really helpful.
    Currently I’m testing 3 landing pages. Hope these videos will help me optimize my LP better.

    • Stephanie Saretsky

      Keep us posted on your tests, we’d love to know how the show helped out a viewer! Happy watching.

  • I do agree with Adam, all three videos are pure gold.
    Oli Gardner just nailed it. Awesome videos.

    • Stephanie Saretsky

      Hey Alam, so glad that you’re enjoying the episodes so far! A web series is a new initiative for us, so if you have any feedback please feel free to let us know.

  • This is great information as per usual by Oli. The dude knows his stuff and we all know that by now.

    What I find HILARIOUS is this form in and of itself goes against the best practice with the inline labels lol.

    Oh well, thanks for this Oli, you really make things easy to understand

    • omfg. so true (re: inline labels). #hangsheadinshame #notasimportantonablog

      I’ve already started sharing that sweet piece of code you shared with me to bump the label up to the top of the field as a permanent label as soon as you start typing.

      For others reading, this is a great way to get around the limitations of inline field labels.


      We already found a way to add it to an Unbounce page. Really cool.

  • Artur

    Great Videos, thank you very much!
    Aside this, it would help, if you´d display the length of each video. So I can decide, if I watch the video right now or I have to add them to my “watch later” cue.

    • Ahh good idea. They will all be 15-20 minutes, but that would indeed be a useful indicator. Email sent to team.

  • Just saw the first video, and just wanted to tell you how amazingly good this is. Not just for landing pages, but you are asking the questions every business should ask in all forms of communication with their customers. What do you do? How can you tell it as easy as possible? Dont tell people how to make a phone call or fill in a form.

    Pure gold, Oli!!

    PS: I would really like to see a test being run afterwards, with the results from your edits. Maybe you already are planning this, but it could be a great followup.

    Best regards,


    • Stephanie Saretsky

      Hey Daniel, I’m glad you’re enjoying the series so far. That’s a great idea, and something that I’m working on with some of the participants for a future feature on the blog. Keep your eye on this space!

    • Yes! As Steph said, it’s something we talk about all the time, but have struggled for how to fit it into the right format. Asking someone to run a test can be a daunting thing, especially with their internal work politics or time/resource constraints.

      Perhaps we should work it in as a “are you cool with proceeding with a test”. In which case we would do a bit more research to uncover real problems. And probably get Chief Amazing Conversion Research Officer, Michael Aagaard involved. He constantly blows my mind with his insights into smart research techniques.

  • This is really great Oli, thanks a lot! May be the videos could be shorten a bit though.
    As you are using wistia you could also sort them into playlist with one video per post.
    (Sorry, you’ve been providing so much helpful advice that you put me in video consulting mode)

    • Stephanie Saretsky

      Thanks for the tip George! No need to apologize, any feedback is well received!

  • James

    This new video series is awesome! Really educational and very informative. Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to more videos :) P.S. I think the length of each video is ideal.

    • That’s great to hear James! It’s always a bit nerve wracking when launching a new format.

  • I NEED that t-shirt! Actually my clients need that t-shirt. :-D

    • The landing page sandwich one? Yeah, we’re getting some more printed for staff soon, and based on reactions we may make some available in the future.

  • Just watched all 3 videos. Very helpful for an LP noob like me! Hope I can impress our CEO with high converting LPs. Hehe!

  • Excellent as always Oli. Is there a way you can run A/B tests after to show the results? I think that would be a really cool way to learn….though I guess it would take extra time:-)

    • Thanks Adam!
      Hopefully some of the featured pages will take it upon themselves to run tests. If they do, we’ll find a way to loop back with results. It’s also something we may insist upon in a future series.

  • Page fights was good, but this is great. Hearing Oli go through his process out loud was awesome, his insights are the s***. Thanks, keep it up!


  • I found this extremely valuable in the way that it broke down web pages and helped to clarify the message. Sometimes it may seem over fussy but after running a test on usability hub I realised people often get the wrong idea about what you are selling.

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