The 3 Landing Page Mistakes That 98% of Marketers Are Making [Webinar Video]

By | Google+ , February 21st, 2014 in Landing Pages | 27 comments

What do Topher Grace, kittens, and genius marketing insights have in common? They’re all in this webinar.

In less than than 60 minutes (the presentation is actually only 30 minutes, with an extended Q&A), you’ll become a smarter marketer. And the best part is, all of the tips in the webinar are super easy to implement right away.

So spend an hour of your day and never make these conversion-killing landing page mistakes again:

Any further questions? Let me know in the comments!

– Oli Gardner

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Co-Founder of Unbounce. Oli has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet. He is an opinionated writer and international speaker on Conversion Centered Design. You should follow Oli on Twitter
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  1. Someone says:

    This was a horrible presentation. It’s like a couple of school girls got together to giggle through a presentation. Horrible. Redo it or delete it from your site!

    • Oli Gardner says:

      It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy the presentation. We believe in creating a content experience that’s both useful and entertaining. Learning should be fun.

      Thanks for your feedback though, always good to hear different perspectives.

    • Dan Levy says:

      I may be biased, but I think the webinar really hits the sweet spot between educational and entertaining. By the way, I feel like giggling school girls get a bad rap. We can all learn a lot from their spirit of joy and curiosity.

    • Gracie says:

      Wowsers, Someone, dont you sound like a barrel of laughs. Loved it, learnt a lot and found it very easy to digest. Practical advice from guys who sound like they enjoy what they do.

    • J says:

      I wouldn’t go as far as to say ‘horrible’, but the snickering was pretty distracting – made it hard to get through the whole thing.

    • Mike Haines says:

      I totally agree with the comment about giggling too much. I’m watching to learn, not be entertained. It’s distracting and consumes my valuable time. Consider making videos the way you market: Stay focused, on-point, and factual. Everything else is an attention-robber. Great content, too much unneeded filler.

  2. Finge says:

    I really enjoyed this webinar, and I think the good spirits rubbed of on the audience. Definitely seemed like it following the converssation on twitter #unwebinar :-)

    I could have been enjoying it a little extra since one of our landing pages was used as a good example, although with room for improvement.

    PS. I fixed the message mismatch on ‘Get more leads’ with some soon to come awesome features of Unbounce. A/B testing too verify the effect obviously

    • Oli Gardner says:

      Awesome! So glad you were watching. Yeah, if you can’t have a good time when you’re working then, you need to work somewhere better. :)

      Let us know how your tests go, it was a lot of fun looking at your ad and page.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar. Informative, casual and fun. I found myself actually laughing out loud, and that’s pretty rare on a webinar. But even more important is that it’s clear to me that the hour I invested in watching will pay off in better conversion rates. Great job guys.

    • Oli Gardner says:

      Edutainment. It takes 17 muscles to smile, (and 400 KJ of energy to click a mouse button). If you combine that with some sweet marketing tips, it makes for a great mental workout and all around fun time.

      Glad you liked it Michael. Hope you’ll join us next time.

  4. Danny Scott says:

    enjoyed your webinar. very informative and fun, i didn’t get bored watching this video and got a much better info through this webinar about a better conversion rates, Great Job Oli Gardner Hats Off to you guyss…..

    • Oli Gardner says:

      Thanks Danny, appreciate you saying that.
      I have to be honest and say that most webinars bore the crap out of me, so we try to create an experience that makes learning more enjoyable than work.

  5. OfficeBeacon says:

    This Webinar is really helpful for me. after viewing this I really need to do some changes on my Landing pages. As after seeing this I think what i am using till now is venerable.

  6. Tzvi Harel says:

    Just watched this webinar and I must say it contains great content and its also funny… always a perfect match.

    Keep them coming. Thank you.

  7. Bournemouth says:

    Great webinar Oli, very informative and you make some great points about landing page mistakes. I always pick up some really valuable optimization tips from your posts, so thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Oli Gardner says:

      Thanks! Ryan and I had a blast doing this session. I like to think that keeping the format to a few key concepts makes it a more valuable experience.

      • Ryan Engley says:

        Agreed. Just a like a landing page, I think any presentation, webinar or no, needs to maintain focus on the thesis and keep the content actionable — *while* being super entertaining ;)

  8. shafique says:

    Nice video will not do these simple but drastic mistakes.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Graham Smith says:

    Hi thank you for you for this found it very informative and true learning should be fun !!!


  10. Ally says:

    Hi Oli, thank you for this video and all the great info!

    My Question is:
    Should your landing page on your website be different than the landing page that is connected to the ad your running. I design for a large educational website and the owners want to list all the features, testimonials, how to’s, etc on the Landing page accessed from the main menu. This would be way too much info for a newcomer to digest from clicking on an ad. So, what would you suggest…

    Thank you

    • Oli Gardner says:

      Hi Ally,
      What is the purpose of your campaigns? If it’s to get a prospective student to sign up for a call back, a prospectus download or something else, then they don’t need all the information you have on your website..

      If you already have a page on your site with the information you need, I would create a landing page with much of that content, and then test it against a greatly stripped down version. That is a great way to validate how much info people *actually* need.

      Let me know what the goal of a campaign would be for your website/institution etc. Is it an online educational facility or brick and mortar?

  11. Andy Brattle says:

    We love one of the first points you make in your webinar — offering too much choice. It’s about knowing when to stop talking on the web and allow the customer to get in touch.

  12. Carlos says:

    Sorry. Don’t have time to watch a video (unless it promises to totally and completely revolutionize my life in 10 minutes a day or something but…even then I might not watch it LOL). Wish you had made a text transcript available.